Being Thankful

Hey everyone!

I’m writing this from my hotel bedroom in Melbourne ,Florida, as the sound of the waves crash against the shoreline through my balcony window…and I feel blessed to be alive, to have this job and to have great people in my life! I think when considering your great holiday of Thanksgiving the other day (in between the second and third football games!) it really dawned on me how important it is to step back sometimes and just realize how much we have to be thankful for.

And, I guess, this year has been one that I should give thanks for the most. Now my website has finally accompanied my debut album, I can sort of sit back and enjoy all your comments and reviews on my music and everything associated with it. I’ve said it so many times, but my main ambition with this album was to let people know who I was as a songwriter, what I felt important in songs and how certain subjects as we live our lives, can be dealt with in song. And for those comments I have received back, both from you personally, or through reviews on, Itunes, or on the social networking sites, I am truly thankful and humbled. You have justified me taking this chance, letting you take a glimpse inside my world I suppose – but then you’re my friends – how could I not?!

With regards to the website (, I really hope you are enjoying it. Of course, it is always a work in progress, so if you’ve anything you’d like to see, or are having problems with, just drop me a line and we’ll try our best to rectify it. We have just added lots of new items to the merchandise store (*), a lot of these were based on your requests – so I’m hoping along with all those copies of “In Time” you’ll be buying your friends and family for Christmas, you’ll find something else in there as well! ; )

Of course I couldn’t finish off without mentioning the news that broke yesterday about Paul leaving Celtic Thunder at the end of the tour. On a professional level, I am very sorry to see such an amazing performer leave our production. And I feel very lucky to have worked with him over the past three years. But, more importantly I guess, I’ll miss all his banter and craic as we’ve become such good friends since the first time in the studio when I heard him sing his part for “That’s A Woman” and I nearly turned and ran back to ask for my job back as an accountant! However, I’m totally excited for his solo career prospects and have no doubts this is just the start of a very successful chapter in his life.

So, I’ll bid you all farewell for now as our bus rolls on to Charlotte. The Christmas portion of the show has added a great new dimension and I’m looking forward to seeing some of your familiar faces at the last number of shows before we leave this great country again for another while! Remember to sing along with us! That’s what Christmas is all about!!

Take care,

Ryan xx

28/11/10 03:28

Kathy James

Ryan, just watched the Christmas special on Chicago wttw, it was great but it will be better when my daughter and I see it in person Wednesday night in Fort Wayne!!!! Can’t wait! btw, love your IN TIME cd. Kathy

28/11/10 03:28


Thanks for the new blog Ryan! :) And thank YOU for allowing us a “peek inside your world” via your album. It’s written from the heart, no doubt about it!

Terri and I will see you Wednesday night in Ft. Wayne. :) Be looking for our signs! ;)

Kelly xo

28/11/10 03:29


Great Blog Ryan :) always love em :) what i would love to see on the website is video like Keith is doing and Neil to :) it would be sweet to see little vids of u doing random stuff on tour or something ya know also i cant wait for next year i already have tickets for Chicago Dec 11 2011 and i got meet and greet this time i really hope your there i would love to meet u :)

Jen *hugs* ^_^

28/11/10 03:30


Ryan, thank you for the blog! I am thankful for the new group of friends that being one of your fans has brought me. Thank you for sharing your music with us! Safe travels and see you soon!

28/11/10 03:30


I will be at the Taj singing along! Even tnhough no one wants to hear me sing, LOL! Thank you for allowing us to take this ride wirh you. You are indeed one of a kind!
Love You and see ypou next weekend!


28/11/10 03:31

Sabrina Ramey

What beautiful sentiments! I know I have been blessed by you and your music, and for that I am thankful. I am happy you decided to take a chance by debuting your solo work. Thank you for giving us a glimpse inside your world and sharing with us your wonderful depth of songwriting. I hope we all have shown you that it was a chance well worth taking. I know you will miss Paul in the group, and as we all are- excited to see him continue to another leg of his journey.
I look forward to continuing with you on your journey and assuring you of unwavering support from this small corner of the States! All the best and much love to you! Take care!

28/11/10 03:31


It is a great honor to have become your friend and to have been allowed this glimpse into the rest of your world. Thank you for sharing your views with us! We will all miss Paul but the road ahead is going to be great for him…as will the road ahead for all of you!! I look forward to seeing you again in a few days. ~ Esther

28/11/10 03:32


You’re welcome…and thank you for sharing your songwriting talent,and your singing, and your jokes with all of us!! See you in Atlantic City….but could we just sing along with the choruses? And leave the verses to you guys? Love love love listening to the CT boys harmonize! Take care Ryan :)

28/11/10 03:32


As always Ryan….can feel you speaking straight from your big heart. Many blessings and see ya in Binghamton

28/11/10 03:33

Marianne Duffy

Thanks for the blog Ryan. Hard to believe this tour is almost over and you will be heading home for the holidays. Enjoy the last of the shows. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Montclair.

Such mixed emotions about Paul leaving CT. He will be missed like mad. I wish him success in his solo career and will be thrilled to see him perform in the future. He is such an amazing talent and it’s easy for us to see that is such a fun loving person.

Safe travels on the bus as you leave the sunshine and head our way. <3 Marianne

28/11/10 03:34


Thank you for this update!! Your fans are thankful for you and your music!! Great form on the Paul aspect!!
See you next week!!

28/11/10 03:35


It is sad that Paul is leaving Celtic Thunder but with the friendship you have built with him you’ll be in touch very often. He’ll need your support. I love the songs on In Time and they are permanent part of my IiPod listening. I am buying several for friends whom I think will like them too!!! SSOOO, who is Damian going to pick on now that Paul is leaving??? You could be next!!! Saw you guys in Chicago, loved every minute and came home and bought a ticket for Ft. WAyne. See you there!!

28/11/10 03:36


well, Sir Ryan Kelly of the County Tyrone, you are very sweet and we are proud to be part of your growth and enjoy watching you. i find your energy encouraging and exhausting. you wore me out on the 19th jumping and running around. i know you will all miss paul, but now you have the grand oportunity to be a fan as well. i know you lads will support his new decision. i look forward to seeing you again next year and can’t wait to see what comes next. i have ordered 2 of your cd’s. one for selfish reasons. i wanted it. and the other because i thought it might give my sister in law some peace this first christmas after loosing her mom. can’t imagine. just want you to know i appreciate you giving me a way to help her through this time. i really do love her. any way. i’m not here to lick your boots or what-have-you. just wanted to let you know that we do read everything you give us and enjoy what ever you send our way. waves, merchandise, winks, million dollar smiles and seductive glances. you’re loads of craic yourself my friend. keep it commin and we’ll keep buying you. have a good show and a great rest of the tour and when you get home let me know what you think of your package.


28/11/10 03:36


hope you enjoy your time here in North Carolina!

28/11/10 03:37

Joan Gute

Hi Ryan,
U know we all support u & the other guys in anything u do. How sweet of u to call us, *friends* for I think we all feel the same way about u.

It was sad to hear of Paul’s decision to leave CT but we knew it was bound to happen, sometime. Whether it be him or any one of u guys. No matter what happens, ur fans will always support u.

C u in Rochester. It’s the second to last show. Meg & I will be front & center. :)

Much love,
Joan *NY*

28/11/10 03:37


You are the first of the lads to comment on the news of Paul leaving. Thanks for sharing your feelings on the subject. Glad that you are having such a great year with all your own solo projects that you have so much to be thankful for. We sometimes forget to be thankful for small things and are only disappointed that we do not have the larger things we wish we had. Love that we are able to communicate with you and other fans through these websites you all have set up. Hope the rest of the tour is good for you. Will not be long now until you are home with family and friends enjoying a much needed rest.

28/11/10 03:39


Ryan, Always love to hear from you…and YES, we are your friends. Love your album and how it makes me feel. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and can’t wait till your tour next year.

Take Care,

28/11/10 03:40


Thanks for the new blog. As you can imagine many of us are feeling very unsettled by Paul’s news and how it might affect the rest of the group, so it’s nice that you have given us a bit of an update on how you are feeling too. You all seem so close and I’m sure it’s harder on you all than us to see him move on to the next chapter. That said, just as you wish him well, so do we all.

As for the site and all the new merchandise, it was a real treat today to look thru the new items. I’m definitely making a wish list and distributing it to all my family looking for Christmas “hints”. I’m not sure saying “I want the Ryan Kelly “In Time” hoodie, or magnets, or whatever else there is really qualifies as a hint, but I’m going with it anyway and giving them the website address. :)

As for your CD, I believe it is a beautiful gift you’ve given us. We already knew your talent as a performer was wonderful, but your writing talent was an incredible surprise. I still marvel at the depth and breadth of emotions I feel when listening to some of your songs. With the combination of writing and performing you are truly the complete package. I fully intend to use your CD as Christmas gifts to many of my friends and I know they will love it as much as I do.

Oh, and don’t sell yourself short in comparison to Paul in “That’s a Woman”. Yes, he has a magnificent voice, and is incredibly talented, but it took both of you to bring that song to the stage and make it one of the songs that had all of us falling for both of you the first time we saw it. :)

Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for taking the time to read our responses.

28/11/10 03:40


We are all thankful that you have let us into your life and to your music. You are as always a wonderful person and artist, enjoy the rest of the tour ! Thank you

28/11/10 03:42

Penelope Verstege

Dear Mr. Kelly: It has been a very exciting year for you! I have thoroughly enjoyed your cd..some songs still make me cry (yes I am a softy believe it or not). I have never seen CT in concert, I was suppose to go to the taping of It’s Entertainment but my brother was hit by a Porsche SUV when the taping took place (he was very lucky) so I didn’t get to go naturally and this year just didn’t work out. That being said, I have been a fan of CT since the beginning and it has been wonderful to watch all of you grow musically and professionally. You deserve a break but please start writing more songs, your voice has a different tonal quality that I love when you sing your own music. hugs Penny xx

28/11/10 03:44


Thanks so much for the blog, Ryan!!! I wish I could see you lads again this tour, especially with it being Paul’s last, but I’m thankfull for the shows that I DID get to see! As I’ve told you before, both your cd and website are AMAZING and I’ll continue to tell people about you! (I have a 5 hr drive beack to college tomorrow… wonder what I’ll be having my friend listen to? lol!)
Have a great show in Charlotte!! All my love, forever and always….

28/11/10 03:45

Jutta (Jaycee)

Thank you for your new blog. And thank you for opening up and letting us see some of your feelings through your songs and again showing us your talent as a wonderful singer and songwriter. As you said, this year has truly been quite a successful one for you with your great new website and your awesome debut album.
I wish you the best of luck and success in your career whether you stay with CT of go out on your own
And remember that we will always be there to support your and cheer you on.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us and most importantly, for being in close and often personal contact with your fans.
We love you!

28/11/10 03:47


What you said about Paul was quite funny and also a little sad. He will be missed but he definitely will do great solo. Just as you have! Thanks for taking the time to connect to your fans with this blog. :)

28/11/10 03:47


Oh I am sooooo glad you didn’t run that first day when you heard Paul sing his part of That’s a Woman. He has a beautiful voice but without yours the song is nothing. You add such life with your voice, your facial expressions, everything about you MAKES THE MUSIC. Thanks for giving of yourself & your talent along with the hard work I know you put in, CT just makes the show look “so easy” so comfortable so personal so just for us!!! Paul will be missed in CT, there’s no denying that but change makes us grow and is not always bad. Keep your fans posted on what’s next for you / CT, so we can be there for you guys, too. Safe travels as you wind down the tour. Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas. You have made my Christmas “over the top.”

28/11/10 03:49


Hi Ryan,
Loved reading your blog and glad things are going good on tour. I know you must be excited to get back home for the holidays. Hope you have a great one surrounded by family and friends and we can’t wait to see you back here in “your second home.” Listened to your album…it is wonderful!!!! The songs are touching and powerful. Thank you for giving us this look into your world and heart!!!

God Bless you my friend. Oh, and cant’ wait till my BULLS to face your CELTICS again…you may have won the first meeting but the next time will end different. LOL!!!

Much Love,

28/11/10 03:49

Donna Vandenberg

Ryan – we thank you for allowing us that glimpse into your inner self. Your music has spoken to all of us in different ways, and we all take different things away from it. You are a sensitive and compassionate man, and it shows in the words and music you write. Hope to see and hear more from you along the way.
Life will be different with Paul’s leaving, but new opportunities are out there waiting for all of you. Keep following your dreams!
See you in Atlantic City!

28/11/10 03:51

Maggie Costello

Ryan, such an unsettling day waiting to hear Paul’s plans. I was so happy to see your posting! Having just finished watching the CT Christmas show on NJN, I cannot wait to get my DVD. Haven’t had time to shop…been so busy lately, having a wedding next Friday and coming to the Taj Mahal on Saturday! O, and the holidays! Yikes!
I also checked out your new merchandise and was happy to find several items for Christmas gifts! Key chains and mouse pads, ornaments and travel mugs are perfect for my teacher friends! I have successfully converted quite a few to the Celtic Thunder experience!
In Time has proven that you have the right stuff to be a gifted songwriter as well as an electric entertainer! I have to say Heaven Bound startled me the first time hearing it, but SO well written with music so chilling and beautiful at the same time, it is a favorite; Not Far Away nearly made me cry. You really can reach people with your songs. In Too Deep makes me think of maybe a number one hit? Hope you plan to stay around for a long time…after all, you have that house to pay for ;-D!
Take care, see you onstage in AC!
Mags (NJMaggie1129-Twitter) <3

28/11/10 03:52


You’re right, there is so much to be thankful for! I have been very blessed in my life! So happy your career is going in the direction you wanted it to go. Your solo album is amazing! Its a very hard thing to let the world hear something you write, its scary not knowing how its going to be recieved, and the response to your album has proved that you’ve definitely got a hit on your hands! Thanks for your music, and all the truth and fun you put in it! I hope next year shows you even more success than this one has! : )

28/11/10 03:53


Dear Ryan, I always look forward to hearing from you..It evokes the feeling of a friend you don’t get to see often but love hearing from… It is nice to hear your thoughts about the album and the songs..That is the beauty of music. It can stir such strong emotions but yet it can mean something different to each of us. As I have said to you the album was like a journey in my life.
We are all shock and saddened to see Paul go. It is like apart of my family is leaving..very bittersweet for us all. The kids are so sad to see him leave but are glad they will see him next weekend.
You will see this familiar face alot next weekend and we will all be singing along..
Until travels and Thanks for being the sweet gracious man you are….

28/11/10 03:55

Tamandra Robyn

Thank’s Ryan!

28/11/10 03:56


Ryan, Thank you for sharing your music with us also. Yes… we are your friends and will support you in whatever you decide to do now and in the future. But don’t even think of quitting right now….I don’t think my wee heart could handle another one. :) Take care and God Bless you and the CT bunch.
Hugs from Omaha, NE
P.S. Zip up hoodies…Ryan….zip up hoodies. :)

28/11/10 03:56


It’s no wonder to me that you are, and will continue to be, successful in song writing. Some talk about being stopped in their tracks by your looks (definitely nothing wrong there). Some about your fabulous voice (can’t say I blame them either). But I’m odd. I liked your writing first, then I paid attention to the rest. Putting the words to music just made them better. Your words draw us in and ask us to sit and stay a while. The stories may be funny, or sad, or just conversation, but they touch our hearts and we are thankful. I hope you enjoy the last part of the trip. Wave at us as you pass through Columbia tomorrow :)

28/11/10 03:59

Barbara N

Thank you for your Blog today. I think some of us needed to hear it..Sometimes we get caught up in day to day things and don’t take the time to be thankful for what we do have. Your music is a reflection of who Ryan Kelly really is and we are honored that you trusted us enough to reveal that part of yourself.. So we thank you for having the courage to bring us your music and giving us a glimpse into your soul.. You are loved,,,
Barbara xxx

28/11/10 04:00


Right on, Ryan! Always a good thing to take time out to say thanks. And I for one would like to thank you for all the happiness you’ve brought, and I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. As for your songwriting, you really are exceptionally skilled, and I’m already looking forward to the next album!

28/11/10 04:06


Thanks for the blog. I’m very thankful that I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended several shows through the years. The joy you and the rest of Celtic Thunder has brought me and my friends is beyond comprehension.


28/11/10 04:07


You are right, we are your friends, and as such love and support you always. It’s been great to take a glimpse into your world and your heart with “In Time” and I am looking forward to hearing more as time goes on =) I can’t wait to see you in Charlotte, and hopefully again in the future. Know that wherever you are, our hearts are with you =)
Love from Atlanta,
Oh and I guess now we need a new dark duo to battle for the girl, huh?

28/11/10 04:07

Heidi Clay

You are such a down-to-earth guy, I love that you share so much with us. It’s a treat to hang in your world even if it’s just your Tweets and Blogs. I’m an Accountant myself and, let me tell you, they don’t make Accountants like you on this side of the Pond. =) (They are rather sticks in the mud, with no musical talent, seductive glances or playful smiles like you have in spades.) We are thankful for you and your talent. My family loves you and the Lads and you are my Mom’s particular favorite. You’re my favorite too, but I think it’s cute that she gravitated over to the “Bad Boy”, which is not her norm. It’s very soothing to listen to “In Time” (when I’m not tearing up over some of the lyrics). Celtic Thunder is on my Bucket List (and my List only has six things on it, so you are in an exclusive grouping). Do you enjoy the outdoors? Snow? Fishing? Hunting? any of those things that would point you toward Alaska as a vacation/gig spot? =) To be truthful, I’m sorta jealous of all the other fans who are blogging that they’ll see you soon…but I will be content (for now) to read your Tweets, listen to your CD, and watch the Celtic Thunder DVD’s. Thanks for all you do for us fans! Enjoy the rest of the tour and please be safe going back home. Happy Holidays!
Heidi =)

28/11/10 04:08


In keeping with your blog’s title, Thank you! I for one am very glad that you didn’t go back to being an accountant. we would never have gotten to hear your wonderful music or met you. You guys have no idea how much you all mean to us, as individuals and as a group. take care. oh and by the way, I’m jealous about the whole, listening to the ocean rolling against the beach. I have never heard that in real life. I’m with Perri, please don’t take off on us yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve already dealt with enough stress, over losing one member of CT, don’t want to deal with another just yet.

28/11/10 04:10


Ryan, I hope you have a safe trip to my name sake…Charlotte……I really enjoy all the songs you sing in the Christmas show…I’m trying to get tickets to the Atlantic city show…..I did see you in Philly at the Tower Theater. You guys were great. It was a early birthday present (Dec 24th ) from my son and daughter-in-law..
Safe travels and hope to see you soon…

28/11/10 04:10


Ryan you definitely hold your own with Paul in the battling duet. Just different talents expressing themselves. I’m happy you have broached the subject of Paul leaving and you truly will miss him more than we do although his departure leaves a big hole in CT as far as I’m concerned. It would be the same if any one of you left. You are a set and the fans hate to see it broken. Of course, he has to once again go out and pursue the career he had before CT. Just hope it is something where we can continue to look forward to seeing him.

As for you and your talent, well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? I am just so glad I’ve been able to be a fan the last 2 1/2 years. I thought anything you did would be close to perfect, but still, I was awed by the CD. I guess the most amazing part is your ability to stay grounded and not have your head turned by all the adoring fans. Okay, I have to admit I’m one of those. You do seem to appreciate your fans and maybe it’s a good thing that this didn’t come to you at an early age. You guys seem to keep Damian on an even keel too. I’m sure he will look to you and the other lads for guidance in the future. No one could miss the fact that Paul was his mentor and you seemed to take on that role when Paul was out of the picture for awhile. Just part of what makes you the kind of man I’m happy to be a fan of, Ryan.


28/11/10 04:11

Heather Williams

Ryan you are such a doll. It is always evident how appreciative you are of everything that has come your way. You are more than deserving of it all. Thank you for an incredible journey these past few years. I’ve been around since the beginning and I’ve enjoyed watching you grow as a performer. You are truly talented and I wish you continued success.

28/11/10 04:16


Hey Ryan! Welcome to Charlotte NC, the Queen city as it is sometimes referred to around here! My mother and I are very excited for the concert tomorrow night. We have loved watching you perform and love your songs. My mother’s favorite is Heartbreaker…”Welcome to the Pleasure Dome” line cracks me up!! I know CT is doing It’s Entertainment and the Christmas show, but my mother would love to see you perform Heartbreaker. Just thought I would send in a request…anyways, looking forward to the concert and enjoy Charlotte, it’s a great city!

28/11/10 04:19

Jennifer Bunch

Great blog, Ryan! While the music on your album is great, it’s the songwriting that’s impressed me most, specifically, that they sound so different, and the lyrics all show such a mature insight.

Also, it’s great that you refer to us as “friends”. You are definitely the most fan-centered member of Celtic Thunder, bar none, and that’s just one of the reasons we love you so much!

Now, off to watch the Christmas DVD, again!

Your Friend,

Jenni from Silver Spring

28/11/10 04:20


Thanks for the blog, Ryan. I always love hearing what you’re thinking since seem to always speak from your heart. Just like the songs on the album. I am amazed by your talent, but also by your courage in putting it all our there in your songs. I truly admire that in all songwriters and I include you in that esteemed group of creative people. You are in good company, believe me! I also agree with your thoughts on Paul’s departure from the group. Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to work with him again from time to time or maybe ‘In Time’ . Take care of yourself the rest of the tour – enjoy the Christmas half – and safe travels back home for the holidays.
Hugs from Minnesota and the snow -

28/11/10 04:21

PamAnne Mallory

Ryan, I am very happy you trusted us enough to let us see inside your world. I’ve said it before but it bears much repetition. You are a very gifted songwriter. As much as I enjoy hearing you sing as part of Celtic Thunder, I love your solo album that much more. While heaven alone knows what the future will bring for you, Paul and Celtic Thunder, I will always support you all. And, yes, I have been checking over the merchandise for potential Christmas presents. :D
Much love always, PamAnne

P.S.Perri is right. zip-up hoodies. Black preferred.

28/11/10 04:22


Thank you very much for the blog Ryan! We needed to hear from you as we are feeling so conflicted about Paul
leaving CT!! You have truly given us your heart and soul ‘in time’! You have a ‘genuine character’ that I love and will
continue to enjoy your solo endeavors along with Celtic Thunder. What more could you ask….You have the world at
your feet! I’m hoping that the departure of Paul will not change CT too much although I know sometimes change is
good and you all have a knack of making the best even better! I was thinking how fun it would be if Paul came back
in the future sometime and sang ‘That’s A Women’ with you…..and you let him walk away with the girl. Thank you so
much for being yourself and letting us inside a little. I’m quite thrilled at your song writing skills and look forward to
more from you in the future!!!! I also look forward to Paul’s success! Love the website… you more!!!!!

28/11/10 04:22

Emily Dillie

Thanks for the blog update Ryan. One of the first things I loved about you was how you sing deep, meaningful songs. Your album shows great depth of character and soul. Thanks for sharing part of your world with us – I know I’m much better off for it. :-)

And thanks for reminding us to take our blessings seriously. We really do have a lot to be thankful for, so even though I can’t buy any of your totally awesome merch right now, I’ll be thankful that I have your CD and your website. ;-)

Thanks for all you do!! Keep on being awesome…

28/11/10 04:24

Regina Ingram

Thank you, Ryan, for taking the time out of your day to write us a blog! I appreciate the fact that it is so important to you to keep us close. I guess this has been an incredible year for you, watching your dreams unfold into reality, what a feeling that must be! Yes, the news of Paul’s departure is hard to swallow. You guys are like family to me, and I feel as if one of my brothers, (the crazy one, LOL!) has just announced he’s moving to Timbukto! My fond wishes, warm thoughts, and most importantly, heartfelt prayers are with him as he goes. I know that you and he are very close, and my thoughts are with you as well, as you “get used to” the idea of not having him around any longer. I like the title of this blog, Being Thankful. I know how thankful I am that God brought Celtic Thunder, and especially you, into my life, you’ve been more of a blessing than you could possibly imagine! I still hope to meet you someday, but am grateful that I had the chance to meet Paul, it makes all this a bit easier. Take care, and enjoy the remainder of the tour. Have the most wonderful Christmas of all when you get back home to your family in The Moy. Love you, my Sweet Angel! Regina Ingram (Ginasue)

28/11/10 04:28

Alice L.

Thank you for the blog Ryan! It is in fact me now that you have humbled; hearing how much we have supported you and how much it means that you would actually consider us you friends is just beyond amazing to me. THANK you form the bottom of my heart this is why we love you and all the guys so much you don’t see us just as fans but extended family as we see you all. Thank you again for everything you have done for us! Lots of love your way! Alice

28/11/10 04:34

Diane Sciarretta

Hi Ryan, Thank yu for being you and you will never know how much I dread that some day you may leave CT, even though it may a great career move to display your talent in another venue. I appreciate your breaking the news of Paul’s departure. A multi-talent lad and he will be missed. You continue to display more and more depth of your personality and emotions. I’ve been enjoying the Christmas DVD, and marvel at the seeing this marvelous adventure unwind, I can’t seem to get my arms around the fact that Paul is leaving..I wish the group would stay together forever. Best of luck to Paul and all he does. I love you Ryan Kelly….hugs and love, Diane

28/11/10 04:45


I’m so excited that you guys are on your way to Charlotte. I just managed to get extra tickets through the local PBS station there and will be at the meet and mingle too. I have no idea where my seats are at for the show and I don’t care, I only want to be there. On my trips to Durham NC and Atlanta GA , I have missed the opportunity to meet you. I certainly hope you will be in the meet and mingle :) You and the rest of the group give us fans such a delight in this world. Your music takes us away from our troubles for a few minutes…or hours :) I haven’t even seen the Christmas DVD yet because I want to see what you and the rest of the fellas do for us at the Charlotte show…then I’ll watch the DVD :) I wish you all a safe trip and can’t wait to see you tomorrow :)

28/11/10 04:47


WOW … Ryan you have actually rendered me completely speechless!!! I have to say I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs! I can always tell you put a great deal of thought into them and for that I am truly thankful! I feel honored that you referred to each of us as “friends” and I’ve always considered each of you lads extended members of my family! I know that’s an odd feeling for a fan to have for a performer, but you guys have never been ordinary performers in any sense of the word! You are each very unique and amazing individual talented young men … you have so much to offer to your fans! Your commitment to your craft is commendable! Now, as another successful tour draws quickly to an end, I marvel at what the future holds for all of you and for us your loyal and devoted fans! As for your CD … I have to say that you definitely achieved your goal with it! I have to say I was amazed and blown away when I first listened to it! Each song holds a special meaning to me and runs the gammit of emotions when I listen to it! Thank you for your commitment to excellence in your music, your merchandise, your website and for your extraordinary performances on the stage! I hope to see you in Charlotte tomorrow night! Until then … goodnight dear friend!!! HUGS … Mary

28/11/10 05:14


To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven. ~Johannes A. Gaertner

Your blog reminded me of this quote I had just read recently and I realized how true it is. We are just as thankful for you Ryan. I agree with everything that has been written above and can’t really think of anything to add. So continued safe travels as the tour winds it way back to the snowy northeast. (really, there is a dusting of snow right now) Enjoy your time together and see you in Atlantic City.

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

28/11/10 05:22


Hi Ryan – Thank you for the wonderful blog and letting us into your life once more. You write beautifully, both your songs and your prose. It was clear that “In Time” was a glimpse into your soul – how you think, who you are, what you feel – and as a music lover, it simply doesn’t get any better than that. I have told so many people about your album, not only because of how wonderful it is, but because of how great you have been to us along the way…how you live your life with gratitude and joy. And that is something I am always willing to support. So, well done my friend. And a great big thank you for being authentic, and trusting us with your Self.

I want to add how sorry I am for you and the lads that Paul is leaving – it’s sort of like seeing brothers go their separate ways. Even though we know they will stay brothers, stay in touch, etc. It’s still sad in a way. So, sending you some hugs and love (or beer and sports, if you prefer!)….and see you in NJ. Until then, stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy these last few shows! much love, Martina

28/11/10 05:46


See, Thanksgiving is a good idea – it makes one turn inside for at least a day to realize what is truly important in one’s life. And the way you blog and tweet, we can all tell that you have a very real sense of thankfulness and humility at how your life is going presently. We all hope that the future holds as much promise and opportunity for you as it seems to do for Paul – but maybe in 25-30 years of CT touring LOL!!!! The whole kit and kaboodle of you – singers, band, and crew are like our extended family; and to lose any one of you (even for such wonderful opportunities) is a blow to the entire fabric. CT is just so much more than the total of all its individuals. I do think that Damian will be affected the most with Paul’s leaving; and you will all have to step up as adopted uncles or big brothers.

This website is about the easiest that I have ever manuevered !!! Thanks for thinking of us non-computerists – is that a word???

28/11/10 05:51

Heather Rega

You are a very classy guy. Maybe Paul will ask you to sing something on his new project.

28/11/10 05:59


Nice mention of being sure to sing along — I’ve wondered which you prefer b/c i WANT to sing along half the time, but I feel conflicted b/c of those around me & for my own desire to just plain listen to the live performance. When you came to Denver this year & sang “Hallelujah,” I had no choice but to be silently mesmerized b/c my entire body reacted to hearing that song live. I simply can’t adequately describe the beauty or power of you three singing that song. But some songs you just gotta sing along w & you even want to dance, but again I was unsure b/c of those around me. Hmmm.

Anyway, I wanted to say also that your twitter status the other day about “adopted American” made me smile so hugely. If anything says we as fans have done our job right, it’s that sentiment right there. And I was thrilled to read it.

28/11/10 06:14

Cathy L

Ryan, Thank you for the blog. I am always thrilled to read one of your blogs!
This year has been a momentous one for you, hasn’t it? I am honored that you consider us your friends. I’ve come to think of you lads as part of my family; extra sons as it were. I’ve already got 6 kids, what’s another 5 or 6? ;)
You have always struck me as someone with hidden depth, and listening to your CD confirms that. The songs have so much emotion in them, they can be hard to listen to at times. But they show that you have a VERY SPECIAL talent. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world.
I’m sure you’re going to miss Paul after he moves on. He is so talented, and his sense of humor is wicked! I know I will miss his presence, probably not as much as you, though. But I believe no matter what he does, he will be wonderful at it and I will continue to support him. BTW I just heard from one of my *real* sons, he may be moving to Italy for a couple of years with his job. So it seems like all of a sudden I’m losing 2 sons. :(
As for being thankful for what you have Ryan, you have never seemed to take anything for granted. I think that’s probably a testimony to your parents and the lessons they taught you as you were growing up. You learned well, my friend. I’m sure your parents are extremely proud of you and all you’ve become. I am and you’re only my adopted son. (Have I told you you’re my favorite son? Psst, don’t tell my other sons ;)
Thank you Ryan, for being you!
Cathy Lawless
St Cecilia, Patron Saint of Musicians and Singers, Pray for Us.

28/11/10 06:26

lisa pickelsimer

We love you and thank you for every thing you do.

28/11/10 06:27


Always wonderful to hear from you Ryan. No I won’t be seeing the Christmas show this time out. Saddens me because I’ll never get to see Paul perform those songs. Mind you, I wish him well and will support him as always. Just as I will continue to support you.
You are just an amazing man I tell you. Thank you for the glimpse into your world with the songs you wrote for the CD. Truly talented. Now what do you do for an encore?

You are so kind and thoughtful to us fans. Bless you.

28/11/10 06:46

Norma McBrayer

Ryan, I do so wish I was able to get to Charlotte to see the Christmas show live tomorrow night. Unfortunately, I have to work also…although my work isn’t nearly as exciting as yours! ;-)

I did get to see you all when you played in Charleston, SC on the 16th of Nov and I have the Christmas CD and DVD (as well as “In Time” and “Velvet”) on order…hopefully they’ll ALL arrive before Christmas!

I so totally enjoy reading your blogs. I want to thank you for allowing me to peek into your world. I know it’s a lot of hard work…but it all looks so much like a fairy tale! Just wondering: How often do you pinch yourself when you wake up in the morning to make sure it’s not just a dream?

Enjoy the last leg of the final tour of the “Original” CT – Paul will be missed and I wish him every success and happiness in his future endevors. By the same hand, I know that when you all return to the states for your next tour Mr. Coulter and Ms. Browne will have chosen another fantastic artist to join the production and they will be loved (almost) as much as we love you. 8)

Happy Christmas Ryan! Peace be with you through the holidays. Happiness and safe journeys all through the New Year. …Norma

28/11/10 06:54

kathi Sandoval

Ryan, First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to write the note about Thanksgiving on a day full of sports at that! LOL I have been a fan of Celtic Thunder since the very first and have loved watching you all grow and and evolve! I have every cd and dvd that any of or all of you have put out and you can really hear the difference in some of the songs, like amazing grace, and Danny boy! I have enjoyed your cd more than I can possibly tell you and it has given me an insight into you that I never would have expected. I am aa 62 yr old Great grandmother who has lived a very interesting life and just at a time when I had started feeling like I had little else to look forward to, Celtic Thunder came into my life and gave me something I had lost somewhere in my life–MUSIC! I came of age in the 60′s and 70′s, so music has always been a big part of my life but somehow had let it slip out of my life–Never again!!! I now have an 8Gig Ipod andan Iphone and they’re maxed out! I do hate to see Paul leave, He seems to be a very fun loving young man and I hope to hear more about what he will be doing! I have gotten to see you guys perform the last two tours in Houston and hope There will be a next year ! Thanks again for being so giving in your album and for giving Music back to an ol Granny LOL Kathi Sandoval

28/11/10 08:17


Love the new Merch. Thought about switching to networks just so i could get a IPhone and buy your cover haha. Which i do have several friends with Iphones.. hmmmmmm. lol. Enjoy the last leg of the tour. I loved the Christmas DVD and can’t wait to work at PBS on the 5th and listen to all the calls coming in from people. Guess that’s something else to thank y’all for. I wouldn’t help out a lot at PBS if it wasn’t for y;all and its something i really love doing now. Nice having a wondeful group of people there who trust me and always know i’m the first they can call.

Gonna wish you a early Merry Christmas Dear.

28/11/10 08:35

Kim Piper

Hi Ryan ;) – want to tell you how much I am enjoying your cd! You did an outstanding job and should be very proud of what you have accomplished. I know I feel that way for and about you – you have a BEAUTIFUL voice and I just love listening to you sing. Love watching you perform too – thank you for the incredible shows in Everett and Portland this year, really really looking forward to the next tour! Although I am sure you will all be glad for some time off ;)

It has been a pleasure getting to know CT, you and your music – really looking forward to more

Happy Happy Holidays to you and yours, wishing you all the best! xx Kim Piper

28/11/10 08:54

Barbara M

Oh Ryan !! I am so glad you think of your fans as friends. I know that I am a friend, and an admirer, of your song writing talent and singing abilities. What a pleasure to love hearing every single song on your cd. Really! :-D
My only request is for you and Celtic Thunder to get to Austin and share your show with us!! This would be a great city to take a break too and enjoy our many bright spots.(You already know our great hike and bike trail)
Keep doing what your doing because it’s soooo good!! I look forward to your next endevors.
Many thanks for your blogs and tweets. I look forward to seeing you again next time you come to Texas!

28/11/10 09:08


Thank you for taking the time to post this Ryan. Beautifully written. You get an A from me :)

28/11/10 09:16


Just saw your Christmas show on PBS. It was AMAZING. you all are so talented. Love your new website . Your new C.d. is amazing too. Thanks for sharing your talent and being so open and thoughtful to all your fans/

28/11/10 10:04

Julia Bose

I love the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. It’s one of my favorite things to hear. What a beautiful sound God placed in nature for us to enjoy. I’m glad you were able to have a peaceful moment to sit back and reflect.
Thanks for taking the time to read our comments. We certainly hope that they encourage and strengthen you and all of the guys because that is what they are meant to do. For many of us, we receive our strength and encouragement through the music we listen to. It comforts us, motivates, energizes, sometimes even challenges us. You and the CT group give so much to us through your beautiful music. every time we hear it. We just want to give back to you all in some small way.
We are very excited for Paul and this new endeavor. However, his presence and his voice will be sorely missed from the group. I can only imagine how all of you feel having to say “goodbye” to a friend.
Speaking of saying “goodbye”-It’s bittersweet to see the end of the tour coming. We hate to see it end and, yet, for your sakes are glad you finally have a chance to get off the road and back to familiar surroundings and the comforts of home. You’ve been working hard and our due for some rest and healthy home cooking.
Well, enjoy the rest of the tour. Hope you made memories and friends you’ll never forget. God bless you, Ryan, and all involved in CT. We appreciate all of you.

28/11/10 12:16


Ryan – Thank you for your blog last night. It was a very emotional day yesterday for many of us and it feels good to read your words. I did start crying again as I read – but with gratitude this time for all that you bring to the table for us. You have brought such joy into my life – and so many new friends – and I thank you for that. I look forward to many, many more years with each of you – in whatever way you may choose.

And, once again, you have shared with us in a real and articulate manner what you are thinking and doing. I am so looking forward to the Rochester and Binghamton shows where I’m meeting some new Thunderhead friends to share in the shows. I know there will be tears there, too – of joy for each of you that you’re finally heading home after this epic tour and for Paul’s courage in taking this leap – and of sadness that this incomparable fall of 2010 is over for us. It was a wonderful ride for us here in the US and Canada.

I wish you safe travels as you head north. We now have some snow on the ground in New Hampshire so it’s about time for you guys to be leaving us for home. See you next week!

28/11/10 13:12

Kelly G.

What a nice blog, Ryan! I am really enjoying listening to your album, in fact I’m not even upset that the CD player in the car won’t eject it. It is not a bad one to be stuck in the car ;) I’ve listened to it a lot and I just wanted to tell you that I love your songwriting. The variety of subjects and the music are really great. I love to sing along.

I am so glad that you have enjoyed our Thanksgiving holiday and have taken it to heart. I’m thankful for the nice music that you and Celtic Thunder have added to my life. I’ll be singing along in Charlotte tonight ;) .

Have a fabulous day! xx

28/11/10 13:23



Congratulations again, On your success with the new album.
I’m enjoying your new web-site, Its kind of you to let your Fans express themselves.
You are showing a kind spirit in your Blogs. I’ve been a fan for a long time but rarely commented.
I thought it was important to acknowledge the kindness and humor that I am seeing as I follow
you on your web-site. Good Luck in the future but as your album clearly shaows, you are very talented
and will always do well. As for Paul, I know you will miss him in the group, but personally I’m
sure you won’t lose touch. You 2 have a great comraderie that won’t be lessened by his leaving
Best wishes, Anita L

28/11/10 14:06


Thanks for your blog, Ryan! Sweet and funny, as you are… ;-) I love it that you consider us your friends. We certainly consider you our friend!
This year has been a rollercoaster for you! In a very good way! Your own cd finally out AND very succesful and also your own website. Plus a BIG Tour with CT which is now almost over. I couldn’t be happier for you, you deserve all the success because you are a great singer/songwriter and a special person. Oh and I absolutely love In Time and your site, but you already know that. :-) Btw, I sent your admin a note for something to add to the site 3 days ago but haven’t heard anything back yet. Perhaps he is on holiday, lol. I didn’t know I had to send it to you.
This Tour ends with a bang: Paul announcing to leave CT. Must have been a shock for you all! I surely am gonna miss him! But most of all YOU guys are gonna miss him like you said.

Good luck with everything you have planned, Ryan. And safe travels back home in less than 2 weeks!!

Love always,

Atie xxx

28/11/10 14:23


Ryan…my husband and I and six year old grandson have been following CT from the first concert tour of 2008 in Atlanta. We enjoy all theatrical and musical parts of your great “gigs”! In fact, we are getting ready to drive from Knoxville, TN to Charlotte for the Christmas show tonight. But, I did want to take this time to say I truly can see your soul in all you do. From your acting to your music (which I preordered “In Time” from Amazon early on) one can tell you do your best with the talents that God has given you. That is all that is expected of us and we appreciate you and the other guys sharing with us such a huge part of yourselves.

This Thanksgiving season, we give thanks for you, your talents, your sacrifice of home, family, and friends to give joy to us!

From this “believer” to another “believer”!

28/11/10 15:12

Karen P

Ryan, you truly are blessed with a wonderful talent. I was at the show in Everett, Washington it was amazing. Your talent as a song writer and perfomer is fantastic. I love you CD. While I will wish all the best for Pual as he leaves Celtic Thunder I know his solo career will be one to watch. I do hope and pray that you and Celtic Thunder will be around for a long time to come, of course your solo career would be one I would follow with great interest.

28/11/10 15:33

Linda Smith

You are just so sweet!! No wonder I’m thankful for you!! :) —-Shelties

28/11/10 15:39


Hi Ryan,
Thanks so much for this blog. We all have so much to be thankful for. I’m glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Now on to other matters…..your album has brought me (and many others) nothing but joy since it’s release. You are a very talented songwriter indeed and I look forward to anything you do in the future. The Zazzle merch is great. I’ve requested a gift card to the site for Christmas. Now about Paul….it is sad to see him leave CT. He’s a great talent and I enjoyed both of you doing “That’s a Woman”. But I do wish him all the happiness in the world. Ok I better stop rambling. Thanks for taking the time out to write us! =)

28/11/10 15:48


That is most defitinitely what Thanksgiving is for. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you again for the wonderful night in Houston. My granddaughter is back in the hospital again getting ready for another surgery tomorrow. My grandson Joshua Ryan is doing good and keeping me busy as I take care of him. I am hoping to make it to Binghamton however that will depend on how Madyson is doing. If I don’t get a chance, thank you for your CD and fantastic merchandise as I will be adding to my wardrobe, etc very soon. You are an amazing song writer, singer and very much a gentleman. Take care and have a very Merry Christmas.

28/11/10 16:15

sally grover

Hey Ryan,
Thank-you for the blog. I think we are all a bit rattled with the news from Paul. I guess we all knew something like this would eventually come—just didn’t think it would be quite so soon. SO, hearing from you just makes us feel better. You, Keith, Damian, Neil and George remember that we love ya’ and are your fans through everything. I think when one leaves, it makes us fear that is just the beginning and none of us like to think of CT without you all there. You all are magic together as well as being phenomenal performers as individuals. You all have been such lovely people that your fans really do think of you as family—and no one likes to see a member of the family leave. So thanks for cheering us up and know that we are still right here for you. take care

28/11/10 16:29


Hi Ryan…thanks again for the wondeful read. You write so nice, right from the heart. We do live in an amazing world and we are truly blessed to be a part of it. I am so thank-ful to know you. You are one class act.

28/11/10 17:04

Barbara Smith

Again, well said Ryan. It’s nice to hear from your prospective of Paul’s departure from Celtic Thunder. I am also curious as to what you are thinking. As I have said before, you are a true gentleman, and I am a true fan of your work.

28/11/10 17:32

Terrie Delaney

Hello Ryan……..Your blog is awesome, you have a way with words that touch my heart and soul, not to many people can do that to me since i have some thick walls around me if you know what i mean. You have inspired me in so many ways after all these years i decided to learn to play the guitar and join the church band . Ryan you helped me to realize how important music is in one’s life. I wasn’t one of the lucky one’s to have met you yet but i still consider you my friend.. Your album has helped me more than you know. Take care Terriexx

28/11/10 17:33


thanks for that! i means a lot to me that you consider your fans your friends. very make us feel like we are your friends! im sure we will all miss paul for innumerable reasons. it is quite sad. but as you said, he has brought such talent to celtic thunder, as you and the rest of the lads have. thats a woman is engraved in my mind forever. even though you may have been “scared” of paul, you certianly acted the rogue with much confidence! again, a very touching memory. i showed my grandma its entertainment the other night. after i explained your persona, she said” he looks like he is full of himself” i replied “yes, but…” i couldnt put into words that you are truly a sweet, humble person because you act the part so well!
take care, stay safe, lots of luck and love

28/11/10 18:07

stan braddy

Ryan–You are the best singer in Celtic Thunder. I do hope you stay with the franchise a long time but would understand if you got an offer to do a stage musical. My niece and I go to the CT concerts when you guys play the Fox in St. Louis each year and we were a bit upset when we read that Sharon Browne and Phil Coulter were auditioning another company for Celtic Thunder. We do hope that does not mean you guys won’t be around in CT anymore. Without you guys, there really is no point in seeing Celtic Thunder. I wish you every success in life as a performer. Your talent is great and use it well. Write more beautiful heartfelt songs and sing them. There will always be an audience for your talent!

28/11/10 18:16

Ginny C

Well said, Ryan. It”s evident that you are speaking from the heart. We, too, are blessed and thankful for our blessings not just at Thanksgiving but every single day. And, just in case you’ve forgotten, we count you and the rest of the Celtic Thunder troupe among those blessings. The joy and entertainment (and, yes, the friendship) you bring adds a new dimension to our lives just as it does to yours. Thank you for sharing your talent and a bit of yourself with us. Welcome to our family.

28/11/10 18:41


You couldn’t be more right. It’s always a good thing to remember to put worries behind you and be thankful for what you have!! Thanks for the website and the continued blogs!!! Best wishes for you and the rest of the lads on the few shows that are left in this tour!!!! Don’t let Paul get away with too much just because he’s leaving! hehe! :)

28/11/10 20:12

Virgie Franklin

Oh Ryan, such beautiful words, easy to see why you are such a great songwriter. It means so much to all of us that you take the time, and put in the effort to keep us informed on what is going on in your career. We especially love it, when you give us a glimpse into your personal life, and share your feelings with us. I wish you all the best, may God continue to Bless you, and enrich your life, and may you continue to enrich ours with your beautiful music, and the small glimpes’s into your heart. I love this page! XXX

28/11/10 20:25

Luanne Eylander

Ryan, thank goodness you didn’t go back to your Accounting job! oh my, what we would have missed. I love your comments about the reason for your Solo CD. While your roll in Celtic Thunder is superb and fun, it didn’t seem to be the real you. “In Time” portrays a very very gifted song writer with a strong sense of passion and insight into life’s hurts and joys. Is CT a stepping stone? I hope you stay with CT and continue the solo career as well. Apparently you are coming back next year since our local PBS station was offering tickets to the Rosemont in December 2011. I will watch for details to come. It was funny, I received several notes from friends who watched your program last night. One friend even said, she wondered what rock she was hiding under to have missed this wonderful group. I gave her all the details but first gave her YOUR CD details. I think that makes about 12 I have sold. Not much but good for one person! HIRE ME RYAN! I can sell and promote better than most Americans, Especially something I love and that has touch me so deeply–your music! . You could teach me some Gaelic and I could teach you some Dutch! Even my in-laws watched you. They wanted to know which one was Ryan! Really? they had to ask? I showed them your pix enough.
Again, thanks for the music and enjoy Ft Wayne. Simply can not make it. Oh, so close but yet so far. And I am serious about the Job, I want to work for CT and you. Life is to short not to go for something fun and exciting.
Your Sharpie Friend, LUanne

28/11/10 21:18

Sheila H


Thanks for the update; great to hear from you! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with us and for showing off your songwriting talents on the “In Time” CD; every song is great! So very happy that you didn’t go back to your accounting job; we would have missed so much!! You are an extremely talented man and I am so happy that your music is part of my life. Looking forward to the show in Fort Wayne, IN! Take care and stay warm….it’s cold up here!! Sending lots of love and hugs from Columbus, Ohio.

Sheila xoxo

28/11/10 22:29

Stephanie Hill

Thank you for bringing us such joy and taking us along on your journey. “In Time” has been so pleasurable to listen to! Thanks also for being so approachable. I am sure that has not always been easy. Looking forward to meeting you again. Blessings!

29/11/10 00:00


Ryan,its like you read my mind, as I listen to your CD for the millionth time I was wondering where the passion came from? Having a look into your world, your lyrics make sense, your faith,sensitivity and loyalty ring so true.
Your risk is definitely our gain as ardent fans will agree so glad you did not go back to being an accountant. I am very sad to hear that Paul will be leaving CT, I had the pleasure of meeting him this past tour. Your first concert at the Helix ‘She’s a Woman” was my favorite duet, I am sure Pauls antics will be sorely missed God speed his solo career. But for you please stay with celtic thunder. CT just would not be the same without you.
Have a blessed holiday and continued success with this tour as it winds to an end and you return to Ireland.
Some day I trust I will get the chance to meet you, oh how wicked that will be.
Happy Holidays

29/11/10 00:10


Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your thoughts with us. What a kind and thoughtful message! Thank you for your album and for sharing your journey with us.

29/11/10 01:52

Colleen Kirt

Ryan, what lovely sentiments. You seem like a person with compassion and intellect…a wonderful combination. Life is interesting, isn’t it! Thank you for your performances and music. You and Celtic Thunder have touched my heart. Paul will be just a computer (ipad) away! Hey, Skype will get you the looks, but not the hand on the shoulder..sigh. May the wind be behind you on your flight home!

29/11/10 02:23

Beth L.

Ryan ~ you are so right in stating that Paul’s banter will be missed and we only saw a part of what you enjoyed with him…you are so lucky to be such great friends and no doubt will continue to be great friends as the years roll by. Oh, and yes, will def. miss the singing partnership as well! Wish that I could see you all at a Christmas concert, but don’t think that’s going to happen…do have the cd though! Sometimes it’s the small things that one can be the most thankful for. :-) Still love your website!!! and just want to finish off by saying.. I’m sooooo glad that you did NOT run back to being an accountant!! :D ) Enjoy your couple of days off! Hugs!

29/11/10 08:24


Ryan, dear one, I don’t know what I can say that has not already been said over & over, but I can tell you again how very much I was thrilled and blessed to have met you at the Fox in Atlanta on Nov 20. I shall always treasure those few minutes and the pictures you allowed us to take and especially the sweet words you wrote on your page in my program book. I am enjoying “In Time” so much. I play it at home and take it with me every time I get in the car. My favorite keeps changing, I think they ALL are my favorite. I also received the Christmas DVD this Saturday and it is fantastic. I love it all and it makes me happy to see so many smiles on your faces; you all seem to be so happy and enjoying your selves. I hope you are as happy as you look. I am really sad that I shall not get a chance to meet Paul. I am already looking forward to next year’s tour and was hoping to maybe get you and Paul in M&M next time. But I will still be looking forward to you. I will be mailing you a Christmas greeting to the fan mail address on line & hope it will reach you in time for Christmas. I have no idea how long it takes mail to reach Ireland from Arkansas. Good night and GBU always and for always. And as always, my prayers will be for you and CT daily. Much love and best wishes, Nell

29/11/10 10:00

Angi T.

It is true we need to remember to stand back and reflect on our lives and be thankful. You of course have had a successful year (3 years in fact). With the album out you’ve turned a new corner in your life. I love the album & I truly hope it’s living up to your expectations. So much talent wrapped up in one person is a gift and you are using it to entertain and communicate with your fans (friends). Much appreciated :) Since I am on the West coast I wont be able to enjoy the Christmas show live but I have the DVD, so I can partake in a different way. Enjoy the rest of the tour and have a safe trip home, and most of all enjoy one of your favorite things at home, your moms home cooking!
~Angi from Cali.

29/11/10 13:46

Sonya Fox

Sorry I had to miss the concert in Charlotte. Everyone in the family wanted to see it and we couldn’t afford $605 roundtrip for all. But I was thinking of you as I sat at waterside in tears wondering why my life seems so painful. As I listened to Victory 88.3 play Christmas songs I could hear you and the other lads singing those songs in my head and it made me feel better. Love You Ryan & have a Blessed Day!!!

Sonya XXX

29/11/10 14:34

Kelly N

Ryan, you have definitely justified yourself as a song writer!! Thank you so much for letting us see how talented you are in that area of your life! Some songs have made me think about different areas of my life & how lucky I am as well. I can’t seem to listen to “In Time” enough, but I have now started listening to the Christmas album as well. You guys are just brilliant!!

Paul isn’t far from my mind lately. I know you all will miss him, but I feel you all wish him the best of luck in his career & support him all the way! I am glad that you didn’t run back to your accounting job though!! :) You two are just wonderful on this song!!

Take care & be safe sweetheart,
Kelly xx

29/11/10 17:28

stan braddy

I finally got to see the Christmas show on our PBS station in St. Louis last night. I was transfixed. I was not much in the mood for the holidays this year but your show gave me quite a lift! And I was glad to hear that CT will be doing a fall tour in 2011. As soon as tickets go on sale, I will be nagging my niece (who always takes care of getting our tickets) to get ours. Now I can hardly wait to get most of 2011 over with so I can see my boys of Celtic Thunder again. When you were at the Fox on November 3, 2009 I was still in the throes of my second battle with cancer and my niece said she was not sure when she bought our tickets if I would be able to go to the concert. I told her I would get there if I had to call an ambulance to drive me to the Fox. I had wanted to yell happy birthday to you since I remembered your birthday is November 6th but I did not have the strength. This year I held up a sign that said “County Cavan says Ryan Kelly is the greatest.” I hope you were able to see it. I wear my kilt every time we go to your concerts (we have been to all three in St. Louis). My family originated in County Cavan and when I looked on the map, I was so glad to see it is very close to County Tyrone. I was glad to read on your twitter this past summer that you attended a music festival in County Cavan. At the first concert back in 2008 two women sat next to my friend who went with us to the concert. She became very tickled when those two women who looked near to our age (and we are in our 60s) and they screamed every time you came on stage. I told Beth to lose her inhibitions and scream with them. You look so much like my late brother when he was your age. I have held pictures of John at your age and pictures of you side by side and you would swear you were looking at brothers (needless to say I do not look anything like my late brother and I suffered as a child when people told me John should have become a movie star since he was so handsome) so that endears you more to this old man who wishes he had had a son just like you. I will eagerly await your next solo album and I play In Time nearly every day and make visitors sit and listen to it. I am going to tell my sisters to get on your merchandise site and order some things (I have made a list) for Christmas.

29/11/10 23:58


Saw the show in Charlotte and it was wonderful. The ensemble pieces left me breathless as always. Thanks for taking time to write the blog.

30/11/10 13:55

Luanne Eylander

♫•*•♫♪Enjoy this Classic
I’m Mister White Christmas, ♫•*•♫♪ I’m Mister Snow, I’m Mister Icicle ♫•*•♫♪
I’m Mister Ten Below. ♫•*•♫♪ Friends call me Snow Miser, ♫•*•♫♪What ever I touch♫•*•♫♪ Turns to snow in my clutch, I’m too much!, ♫•*•♫♪

30/11/10 18:13

stan braddy

Ryan–I know you are probably tired of reading my postings by now, but I could not resist. I will get in the mail soon to your Dungannon post office address a gift. It is a pair of house shoes (your size) from one of your favorite American TV programs Family Guy. I tried to find Brian houseshoes but they were all sold out, so I settled for a pair of Stewie shoes. They look very warm so they should keep your feet warm in the cold Irish winter. I saw on the international news yesterday about all the snow that has fallen in the UK and Ireland. I worry about you boys having to trek north for the last week of your concert tour since weather then in those states can be so iffy. Stay safe. Make that bus driver drive carefully and don’t let Damian distract him when he sits up front with him. When you were at the Fox in St. Louis in October my niece and I waited for an hour in hopes that you guys would come out and wave at the crowd. It was such nice weather and we were parked just about 20 feet from your bus. We finally gave up and left since she has a longer drive home after she leaves me at my house. I do hope you saw the sign I was carrying and holding up. I was the fat old man in a kilt and Kelly green shirt that said FBI Full Blooded Irish. I got on a website recently that showed and described the Kelly sweater. I kept thinking it looks so familiar. I got into my closet and I found that I have a Kelly sweater with the weave for the Kellys. My sister bought it for me for Christmas a couple years ago. I will wear it at a Christmas party I am attending in December when my frends told me I have to wear my kilt to the party. They who will be at the party have all had to make the trek up my staircase to the second floor of this big old house to see your picture (a poster I bought at your 2008 concert and had framed) and I tell them that if I had ever had a son, I would have wanted him to turn out just like you.

30/11/10 18:14

Patty McCoy

Hi Ryan. Thanks so much for the latest blog. Always a great joy to hear from you. and, yes, you definitely have much to be thankful for and not just this year. All much deserved, I must say. God has blessed you with so much talent and I feel blessed that you share all of it with me and the other CT fans. I was able to see one of the shows on this tour and that was definitely the highlight of 2010 for me! Looking forward to the 2011 tour now. Hope you enjoy your last couple of weeks in the US and God keep you safe on your journey home – just “In Time” for Christmas! See ya in 2011, Sweetie!

30/11/10 18:31



01/12/10 02:19


Thank you for keeping in touch with us. We are honored that you consider us your friends and feel privileged that you give us glimpses into your life and who you are . As I comtemplate CT leaving the states and returning home, I actually feel like I am saying goodbye to good friends.

I am sorry that Paul is leaving. I feel blessed that I will be able to hear him sing ” Christmas Morning, Donegal ! in person in Providence.

Your blog was beautiful and touching. You have a way with words which is probably why you are such a gifted songwriter. Thanks again. I will be singing along with all of you on Dec 7th !

Maryanne Darcy

01/12/10 14:16

Luanne Eylander

Ryan, just noticed on the video that in some of the Black and white clips you look just like Dean Martin! Only better looking.

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