Come Join In The Celebration!!

Hi Folks!!
The anniversary of the release of my debut album, “In Time” is just around the corner! Let’s celebrate together! It’s truly been humbling to see and hear how much everyone is enjoying the album. I’m so grateful for the amount of amazing support you’ve provided me throughout this journey and want to say ‘thank you” to all of you!

Up first, I’m sending some special “thank you’s” to some of my loyal fans! Six names will be selected in a random drawing. One winner will receive a phone call from me to say “thank you” in person. I’ll send another winner a hand-written “thank you” note. And four lucky winners will see their “thank you” online! I will personally post to two lucky winners on their walls on facebook; and tweet my thanks to two others on Twitter. How can you enter to be in the drawing for my special thanks? Just go to the forums here on my website, and find the thread labeled “Share Your Favourite Song From “In Time” and Win!” -simply share your favourite song title off “In Time” and your first name. You only need to post once.

How will you know if you’ve won? On Saturday, October 22nd, at 3 pm EASTERN, I will be hosting a live video chat celebration and during that chat, I’ll announce all the lucky winners! The video chat will be via Stickam and I’ll post/send out more details on that closer to the celebration date.

Feel free to “share” the event invite flyer—go to News/Information in the forums, and grab the link for the party flyer-post it on your blog, website, email it to your friends, etc. Let’s make this a BIG party!! ; ) Also, if you can, drop by my official facebook page ( ), click on the “events” category and let me know you’re attending the party!!

I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone-hope you can be there!

RK x