My Heartfelt Thanks

Hey everyone!!

So, I’m finally getting round to writing a blog again. I thought it may have been appropriate after my little unplanned “leave of absence” in the last few months!! : )

“So, what actually happened?!?” I hear you ask. Well I guess without going into too much detail (as I don’t want to freak anyone out too much!), I was involved in an accident on the 2nd June which resulted in me suffering a serious head injury. I was then sedated to a coma state to allow my brain to repair for the next three weeks followed by a further three weeks of recuperation in hospital. It was obviously a very worrying time for my family and close friends who were at my bedside not really knowing what my future might hold.

I understand at this time a lot of prayers were said on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in Australia, Europe and many other parts of the world to ask for an improvement in my state of health and thank God the prayers worked more than I could ever have imagined!! My recovery began when I opened my eyes and generally improved from there at a pretty quick rate (which even surprised the medical consultants!) until I was well enough to be allowed home, where I am thankfully enjoying writing this from right now!

And so I am just so thankful to have come through a pretty scary experience and I am now in very good health and happy to be back singing with the lads in Celtic Thunder, strumming my guitar and singing my own music and preparing for the Autumn tour only a few weeks away!

I think the most important thing about coming through something like this is to remain positive and make sure positivity dominates your feelings right throughout the actual time you are ill and the period of recovery – and that is something I think has helped me to battle back to how I feel right now. People have commentated to me that I’m a fighter – and I suppose I can’t disagree with that! I certainly will not let somebody, or in this case something, beat me easily.

And what may surprise some people is that I have taken many positives out of the whole experience! My experience in the last two months has beyond any doubt restored my faith in the goodness of people and the natural love that honest, good people possess. I have been blessed with the most amazing and loving family that anyone could ever wish for. My father and mother, sister and brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-law and three nephews gave all their time and love for me when I was going through this very unfortunate time and, again, were, and continue to be, my personal towers of strength – as they have been throughout my life.

Alongside my immediate family, stood my loving relatives, my close friends and friends of my family, my band-mates, work colleagues and people whom I share this very special land with. When I woke from the coma and learned about the amazing things these people had done in my name, were continuing to do and the prayers and sacrifices they were saying and doing to encourage my safe recovery, I was, and still am, feeling so indebted and honored to have such amazing, kind people in my life.

My family then brought my Mac into the hospital and I was able to check my mail, and various home pages and sites and was able to read the amazing messages of support and concern from the fans of both my own music and my music with Celtic Thunder. Added to this, the hundreds of letters and parcels that were sent to my post office box with the kind words of support and I soon knew just how lucky I am to have such amazing support for me both as a singer, a songwriter, a performer and as a person in general. I swear, with all this support I think there was no way I could not have recovered so quickly!

And I’m happy to say that I have recovered very well. The doctors have given me their blessing to go back to what I live for – singing, touring and performing! And that’s exactly what I will do. So, for those who came to Atlantic City to the Celtic Thunder concerts, I sincerely apologise for not being able to travel. I was really looking forward to the residency in Harrah’s, but, alas that was not the way it was to work out. I just hope being there and seeing you this Autumn will make up for my absence. I don’t think I’ve ever been more determined, eager or excited about a CT tour in my five years with the show. It’s gonna be pretty epic – believe me!!

So, I guess again, I really just want to re-iterate my sincere thanks for all your prayers, your messages of concern and your good wishes through all the different methods of communication! As I said, I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family, friends and group of fans and followers who have shown so much love and concern for me and have, to be honest, willed me back to this incredible job I have as quickly as I have recovered. I also now have a much greater understanding of just how easily illness or health issues can enter anyone’s life, regardless of how healthy or fit you feel you are. I also have nothing but admiration and praise for the medical staff who cared for me in the various hospitals during my time there. They really do a fantastic job.

So, now it’s onwards and upwards!! I have a few “thank you “ offers which I will explain over the next few days as my way of showing my appreciation to you all for the support you have given me. And then of course it will be so great to see a lot of you in Canada and the USA on the Fall tour, at further acoustic gigs and of course then the Australian tour after Christmas. It’s always nice to say “thanks” in person!!

It does feel great to be well, to be singing again and to be back!!

Take care and lots of love,

Ryan xx

29/07/12 19:24

Maggie Costello

It is so good to hear from you Ryan…no worries, maybe AC next summer…you were very much missed this time! Happy for your quick recovery, you must be in great physical condition, and also had youth on your side! ;-)
Take care, get strong, see you along the way!
It would be terrific to see you & Neil take to to the road again…Philly always has open arms for you both!

29/07/12 19:27

Mary Hobart

Wonderful to hear from you. Lots of love always.

29/07/12 19:28


Ryan, so GLAD your feeling better. And no matter how much we want to see you on tour again, please make sure you take care of YOU first! Thats more important than the tour, and your fans understand that. That said.. WELCOME BACK!!!

29/07/12 19:28

Sam Spencer

So happy to have you back, safe, healthy and happy!

29/07/12 19:28


All that really matters is that you are doing better, and keep on that fast track of keeping yourself in tip top shape. My grandmother and I prayed for you every night for your recovery. We are very glad to see that you are doing much better, and I hope to see you in October with my grandmother.

29/07/12 19:28

Becky Rinaldi

So glad you are well. Welcome back you have been missed!

29/07/12 19:29

Veronika Strucl

Yes, you`re right, you really are a fighter. Keep going on. Greetings from Slovenia

29/07/12 19:29

Celtic Kate

Wow! You are indeed fortunately to have the three big “Fs” = family, friends and fans. Relief and gratitude are spreading throughout your fan world as they read this, and know that you are well enough to return to your “normal” life. And the support and love of those who have never met you and can only know you through your music is impressive – and I’m one of them (although I have met you!) Take care – I’ve said before and I say again that my prayers will continue until you step on the stage again. See you in Dallas and San Antonio. xxx

29/07/12 19:31

Judi Wildfeuer (@magnoliajem)

Ryan, we are all so happy & thankful that you have recovered. You’ve definitely had some rough spots the past 18 months or so, but you always are so positive, optimistic, & appreciative of the people who love you (including your fans). I’m thrilled that you will be with Celtic Thunder on the fall tour, as well as further acoustic gigs. Can’t wait!!! ♥♥♥

29/07/12 19:31


Wonderful to hear from you Ryan. I’ve really been concerned. So glad everything worked out. Thank you for telling us what happened. You have been sorely missed. You had the right attitude to recover. That is a huge part of anyone’s recovery: their attitude. I speak from yrs of working in health care.
Of course, I wish nothing but good for you.

29/07/12 19:31

Jaimie Ramsey

Ryan, it’s so great to see this! I am so happy that God has brought you through such a tough time. It’s amazing how he works through so many people to bless us. And I know he still has work for you to do, with Celtic Thunder and in many other ways, so I’m thankful you’re fully healed and ready to go back to work!

My husband Joshua and I were thrilled to see CT in Lincoln, Nebraska last fall and we look forward to seeing you again this year–and maybe even meeting you in person! God’s richest blessings on your travels, for you and all the lovely men of CT.

In the peace of Jesus,
Jaimie Ramsey

29/07/12 19:31


Hi Ryan …. Like everyone around the world, I’m so relieved to hear how well you are doing!! As a numbers man, you know how powerful large numbers can be. This works in prayer, too. :-) My heart is overjoyed for you, your parents, family and your friends and others that you hold so very close to your heart! Continue on your road to recovery! Be well! That said, if you wanted time to read that book, there are easier ways to get it?! :-)
big HUGS and Blessings to you and yours!
Tacoma, WA

29/07/12 19:31

Sandra L. Garman

Ryan, We serve an awesome God and hears our prayers and then He answers how he wants. So it is safe to say that the Lord is not finished with you just yet! :) But there is also power in prayer and the Lord honors that also. He knew just how important you are to family, friends and the fans. I posted a song on Raymond’s fb page, have him let you listen to it if you have not yet, it is called “There is a Miracle”. And Ryan you are a Miracle. I am so glad that you are doing so well. I just hope that I will be able to see you this fall. Give Rory and Molly Hugs and Kisses for me. Thank You for such a wonderful blog. It is always so nice to hear from you. Take Care, Much Love, ♥♥♥

29/07/12 19:31


Ryan Kelly You are the Most AMAZING Artist I have ever gotten a chance to listen to.. The songs you sing bring us so much Pleasure and Hope We can not help but do any thing but Love you . I Understand the feeling and fact that Family surrounding you ina bad time is Ultimate Your song NOT FAR APART as I have said before saved my sanity this Christmas with out my Family. God is Blessed to have them now and if not for your song .well I am a mushball and thru tears of joy, and Greatfulness I am so EXCITED You are back I can not wait to see you in September in Boston… Hugs.. One of your Greates Thunder chickie fans >>Look for the Green Boas in Boston we all will be wearing them…Diane AKA Petster

29/07/12 19:31


and real tears. I do not normally feel so strong about someone I’ve only seen from the 5th row balcony, and never even shaken your hand.. but .. Thank You God for healing Ryan! So many prayers for you this last 2 months. So happy your healing is going well. I am looking forward to seeing you with the gang in October in the US. Thanks for letting us be a little part of your life.


29/07/12 19:31

Barbara Napolitano

Ryan it is so wonderful to hear you are doing so well..We have been very worried about you and your family and prayed that your recovery would come to pass. After this terrible ordeal you , as a person, have made a huge impact in all our lives and that when the times get tough, the tough get going. To be honest I don’t believe the heavens could ignore our overwhelming requests for intervention. You and your music are a big part of us all. Welcome back my friend, you have been missed…<3<3<3

29/07/12 19:32

Donna Bollinger

So happy you are back Ryan.I am very excited to see you in Baltimore in October.

29/07/12 19:32

Jeanne Smith

Welcome back, Ryan! So nice to read your blog, and “hear” you again! Continue to get stronger and enjoy doing what you you do best….singing! Looking forward to seeing you in Boston this September….and maybe an acoustic gig as well. The Banshee awaits your return! Continue your healing and God Bless!
Keep Smiling!

29/07/12 19:33

Peggy Bryan

It’ great to see you so recovered. Hope to see you in Virginia in October.

29/07/12 19:33

Carol Steele

Prayers have been answered…just as long as you continue to get better that is all we can ask. It will mean even more to see you this fall…dont overdue..we will understand…we just want you to be our old Ryan again.

29/07/12 19:34

Rachel Dershem

You are very welcome for all the prayers and well wishes from us all. We will continue to pray for your continued recovery and we are all glad you have recovered so quickly, thank God for that. Also glad you will be back with the lads singing and having loads of craic. keep smilin’ and trusting our Lord always. You are a very special man and we will always be here for you. Best wishes, good luck, and have a wonderful time doing all you wish to do. With love, Rachel and Barbara Dershem

29/07/12 19:35

Julie Gonzalez

Love hearing that you recovered so quick. Look forward to seeing you in Seattle this fall. Hopefully we will get a acoustic show here in Portland, Or. We miss Celtic Thunder coming to our beautiful city

29/07/12 19:35


First and foremost-HOORAY! now you know you’re absolute living proof of the Power of Prayer. Secondly, NO apology needed for missing the AC gig. when you’re as loved as you and the other CT lads are, just your presence in the world is enough, and we’ll catch up on the love we would have given at AC-double helpings for you on the fall tour ;-) continue to grow in health and well-being, and make more beautiful music for us all for many, many years to come. much love and appreciation, always.

29/07/12 19:35


Its so wonderful to hear from you we’re all so thrilled to hear that your doing so awesome thank GOD
and cant wait to see you and everyone in the fall
and also
RYAN KELLY FANS ( fb ) and twitter

29/07/12 19:35


I’m so glad you’re feeling better and life is returning to normal for you again! We were praying, and continue to pray for you through all of this. All the best for what the future holds!

-Amanda -_-*

29/07/12 19:36

Donna Vandenberg

Ryan, it’s so great to hear these words from you. You have made a remarkable recovery from this very serious injury and I know it’s been helped by the prayers from your family, friends and fans. Our lives can change in the blink of an eye for sure. I’m so glad you are well enough to tour this fall…you were surely missed in Atlantic City but it was lovely to be introduced to Colm and enjoy his music. The new show will be amazing and I can’t wait to see it. Take care and I’ll see you in the fall.
Love from New Hampshire…Donna …xx

29/07/12 19:37


Absolutely wonderful blog. Your acknowledgement of and generosity to your fans is one of the things that makes you so loved by all of us. What you went through was terrible for you and your family but your positive attitude is admirable. I’m so happy that God answered all our prayers and you are back 100%. No one deserves such a miracle more than you. So here’s to your continuing doing what you love and us loving what you do! See you in November! Continued prayers for you and your family.

29/07/12 19:37

Alexis Marie

Ryan.. I don’t really know what to say. But I’m just so glad every thing is back to normal. (if that’s possible) Its been so great to read all of your comments on Twitter and Facebook over the last month. You gave us quite a scare but I’m so glad you are back at what you love! I can’t wait to see you on the Fall Tour this year!
Much Love

29/07/12 19:37


I am so very glad that you are well again. When I heard that you had been hurt and were in the hospital I was so worried. I began to pray for your recovery and haven’t stopped. I continue to pray for you to heal completely and to be safe in whatever you do. I hope that you have a great time doing this falls tour and I am anxiously waiting to see you all in Binghamton, N. Y. I am hoping that if you and Neil do more acoustic by candlelight shows that one will be close enough to me that I can attend.
I thank God everyday that you have recovered so quickly, and that you have been able to return to your music. I love everything that I have heard you sing. God bless and see you in October.

29/07/12 19:37

Amy Vandercapellen

Ryan, I am in tears reading how you have recovered, and am giggling at how humble you are. You know how much we love and support you. This is the one time I have been watching this space and praying for soon more then ever. Yes, you were dearly missed in AC, and am looking forward to seeing you during the fall tour more than ever!

See ya in Philly!!!!!

29/07/12 19:37

Kelly M, South Carolina, USA

I am so glad you had such a loving army around you while in hospital. Not just all your family but the thousands of fans too. You are an AMAZING MAN and desirve Love. I will continue to pary for you and your family as I know they will worry for you while away on tour. Would like to say thank you for all you give and I had no boubt that Our Loving God wouldn’t bring you back. Look forward to seeing you in NC.
Kelly Martin♥♥♥HUGS♥♥♥

29/07/12 19:38

Heidi Graves

So glad to hear you are doing so well and that you are back. the power of prayer is an amazing thing. Best of luck.

29/07/12 19:38

Ashley Martin

It is so good to see/hear that you are doing better Ryan :) I will continue to pray for you and your family, you are truly lucky. Reading this has made me feel so much better! More than happy to have you back Ryan! :)
Lots of love,
Ashley xx

29/07/12 19:38

Laverne Marks

oh, dear Man, you are such a blessing to this planet. You have a beautiful gift and the fact that you share it with us, with such passion and humility is one of the traits that makes you such a special young man. God has big plans for you and he will revel them in his time, until then please know that we all are aware that we can never give to you the amount of joy and pleasure that you bring into our lives. All we can do is support you by coming to your shows and with out prayers, you make that such an easy thing to do. I look forward to seeing you on stage this fall. Welcome back!

29/07/12 19:38

Denise McCaskill

Welcome back, Ryan!! We sure missed you!!! There was an explosion of fan pages on Facebook…people praying for you and your family, and just being there for each other through this stressful time. I was so glad to get to meet so many fans that I can now call friends!! I’ve never met you..never been to a CT concert for that matter, but you have touched my life and so many others… It’s great to have you back and healing so rapidly! My prayers continue to be with you daily!! Maybe I will get to see you sometime this fall!!!

Take care of yourself!! We love you!!

29/07/12 19:38

Jacie T

Welcome back for sure Ryan. You were definitely missed and we thank the Lord you are better. Life can be so short and accidents do happen. My family found itself in a similar situation last summer with my 10 year old son. Having a family member hurt can be so scary and it really does help to have a great support team and prayer of many on your side. As with my son, it is great to see a full recovery. God is so good.

29/07/12 19:39

Laverne Marks

that should be with OUR prayers…my bad….

29/07/12 19:40


I am so happy to hear of your recovery Ryan! God is good and we a truly blessed to
See you back in Texas this fall!! Take care.

29/07/12 19:40


No thanks needed to us, God heard all our prayers and gave us one of his miracles. We will see you this Fall with CT and hopefully solo too. God bless and keep you safe. Hugs with continued fill recovery prayers oxo from Texas

29/07/12 19:40

Jane H

Ryan I thank the lord daily that you have managed to recover and yes prayers do make a difference….I don’t have you PO box and would love to have it so I could send you cards :) You are an amazing gentleman and we are blessed to have you in our lives as a person, performer and just all around amazing man.

God Bless,


29/07/12 19:40

Kathie Boyter

No thanks are needed Ryan. My reward is being able and (VERY) excited to see you in my first ever CT concert in Dallas, TX on Nov. 10th!!!!! I have been beside myself ever since I bought my tickets through PBS last spring. I so look forward to seeing you perform in person, I have always been a big fan of yours. Thank you, Kathie

29/07/12 19:40

Teri Prause

This story is so amazing. Everything you have gone through in the last 2 months and you are back as strong as ever. This has brought so many people together and brought people back to the faith. The amount of prayers and candles lit are remarkable. I am so excited to hear you got the green light for the fall tour! I can’t wait to see you in Windsor.
I said prayers for your family and friends through this as well. I understand all the strength they needed throughout all of this. Family is the best medicine in the world!

Welcome back Ryan!! We love you!

Lots of love from Detroit

29/07/12 19:41

Amanda Sanders

So glad to hear you’re making a successful recovery Ryan! We were all so worried for you! <3

29/07/12 19:42

Gail Cronic

Ryan, I have been watching out for this blog as you said you were working on one.Your heartfelt thanks was beautiful but I think that all the Celtic Thunder followers need is to see your face with those blazing blue eyes and that beautiful, though sometimes mysterious, smile. I wasn’t at Harrahs and won’t see u till Atlanta but I think that all CT fans were so in shock by your absence that we missed you as much as those who saw the show.It wouldn’t be Celtic Thunder without you. You are truly a gifted and a blessed man and I would like to thank you for the joy you bring not onl
y into my life but to the lives of so many others. I am continuing to pray for you.Best wishes and Much Love to you and your family.

29/07/12 19:42

Kerry and Natalie

Ryan we are SO thankful that God has worked a miracle through you. So thankful for your recovery. You said you’ve learned some lessons through it all but wanted to tell you that YOU have taught some as well. My 9 year old ( a child of strong faith) who met you in Charlotte in March prayed faithfully for you everyday. And after reading the sites that started prayer groups on your behalf she said, “Momma look… people who haven’t prayed in a long time have reconnected with God through Ryan! God is using his accident to reach others for HIM!” You have brought together so many people… some of profound faith and some who are seeking. You have had a ministry from your hospital bed, even while you were fast asleep. We welcome your return and thank God for the blessing that you are!

29/07/12 19:42

Kathy Norowski

Missed you in AC but greatful you’re well again. Will see you Oct. 1st. in Charlotte, NC. Glad you’re back.

29/07/12 19:42


We are truly blessed to have you back – your Dark Time has taught many of us valuable lessons, has brought people together in a way that is impossible to believe – many of us have new & lasting friendships – Ok – I’ll go find the Kleenx now… Much love – xx

29/07/12 19:43


You are truly blessed to have had so many prayers go out for you, including mine!
I can’t wait until we get to see you again, in St. Louis, that way we will know you are well!!
Take care please…June wasn’t a good month for me either…
Keep hanging in there Ryan.
All the blessings you deserve…

29/07/12 19:43


We are all so glad for your speedy and full recovery. As you said, a lot of positive thoughts and prayers were coming your way. Can’t wait to see you in Spokane in November!

29/07/12 19:45


Prayers go up….blessings come down….that is certainly the case here!!! We welcome you back with our hearts and arms wide open!!!

29/07/12 19:47


Was great to hear from you. Prayer always works and so glad your recovery was speedy. Many Blessings!

29/07/12 19:48


You are amazing, and very deserving of our love and caring for you…as you are a caring and wonderful man. Keep up the good work, and if you get too tired, PLEASE rest. I just had surgery Friday, and it is NO fun. So thankful you are back!! Much love Darlin.<3

29/07/12 19:48

Tracy Barnett Rolle'

Brilliant! Cheers sweetie, well done:-) See you in Atlanta, GA, USA

29/07/12 19:49


“The happiest, most rational conclusion”

Ryan, after reading and rereading this blog, it is obvious to me that nobody but you could have written it, and it is equally obvious that your mind and your spirit are intact and shining brighter than ever (if that’s even possible). I’m so sorry you and your loved ones had to go through such a scare, and I’m over the moon to know that you are back.

In December 2011 I purchased CT tickets for the October 2012 Rosemont show, and then I purchased more tickets when I found out you’d be appearing in Milwaukee as well. I sort of thought maybe I was getting a bit carried away, buying tickets for two shows. But now I’m so glad I will have a chance to see you twice. Hope you don’t mind standing ovations, because you are going to be seeing a lot of those.

As for the thank-you — let me guess — could it be more Acoustic by Candlelight shows? I would gladly travel to see that again. Though I suppose if you do another ABC tour, you may not hit the same areas again, which I understand. Anyhow, enough of my rambling. Just know that IT IS GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!!

29/07/12 19:49

Sandy Martin

Ryan, I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I am for you and for all who love you. You are a very blessed man in many ways and were indeed prayed for around the clock. I thank God for that fighting Irish spirit of yours and for His healing power and mercy. He is so good! You and your family will remain in my prayers always. I look forward to seeing you in Clearwater, Florida in November. Take care, be safe and keep smiling.
Hugs x,

29/07/12 19:50

Laurie Ann

Dear Ryan,
May God continue to bless you, your family and friends. This world wouldn’t be the same without you! So good to hear you are getting back to what you love-your music! Love and hugs! Laurie Ann

29/07/12 19:50

Suzanne Wolfe

Beyond excited and greatfull for your recovery. The power of prayer is am amazing think. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you in Halifax.

29/07/12 19:51

Beth Workman

So thankful to hear your recovery has been so quick and complete. Looking forward to seeing you in November. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Take care and God bless!

29/07/12 19:51


Thank you Ryan for your blog. I’m so thankful to the Lord for answered prayers for your recovery. Looking forward to seeing you all again this fall in Canada and I’m so happy you are well and going to be there!
Take care & have fun on the tour!

29/07/12 19:52

Elaine Pedro

Ryan, the Lord was with All of us when you went down, I am greatful that someone was with you when this occurred.. I am still greatful and will always be. As you and your family and friends learned “Life is to short”.
I live my life full of the Lord, he is the answer to all. I totally understood what happened to you cause being a medical person, we know how and what happens in a TBI ( Tramatic Brain Injury) and YES it was Very scary……. But, you pulled through and now are back with your Mum and Dad and family. Blessed it be to God. I still pray for you and yours forever more. God Bless you, Ryan and yours. Love to you always.

29/07/12 19:52


So good to hear that you are back to your old self Ryan. Like so may of your fans I was praying for your swift and complete recovery. The power of faith and prayer is amazing. Prayers for continued good health to you and all the Celtic Thunder lads.

29/07/12 19:53


God bless you Ryan! Me and my family are so happy that you are back! We continue to pray for your health and happiness. Please please take care of yourself! x

29/07/12 19:54


Dear Ryan,
I knew it was pretty serious cause of the legneth of time you were in the hospital. Having suffered two head injuiries in my life. I know it scare for those around u and frustrating for those that have gone threw it. I am just glad u made it threw. Are there any lasting affect from it that u have seeing i have long term and soft term memory loss and my spelling sucks. But if u let your sense of humor guide u , u will always do just fine
From alina

29/07/12 19:54

Carol Hughes

Ryan…you are an amazing person and it is easy to share love and tears with you and your family and friends. I, with such heartfelt joy am so glad we have been able to encourage, support and be there with you along the way of your recovery. With great excitement we are looking forward to many more tours and acoustic by candlelight moments. They have always been over the top.. and we know it will continue to be. See you back in Indy in September… and can’t hardly wait for another acoustic by candlelight moment… that is so touching and up close and personal.. It has given us such a thrill to spend an evening with you and Neil during that!! Our love and smiles……<3 <3 <3

29/07/12 19:55


Oh how grateful I am to be a part of this amazing journey as a fan. I have never wavered in my belief you would be okay and come back to us. I similarly faced coma and death 3 years ago and am proud to say that you, your music, CT and their music helped to recover through my own trials. It’s a privilege to be considered a fan and that my little bit helped you so much in your recovery. You are amazing and strong and are loved more than you know! I am so happy for your family and I know the care and strength my family gave to me and still does, even after 3 years! So carry on, dear Ryan, the tour awaits you and we are so glad you’re doing so well. Always a fan and a friend, Bonnie

29/07/12 19:55


All my Love, Hugs and Prayers. The most wonderful news from you today! You are and always will be amazing!

29/07/12 19:55

Sharon Henry

Thank you for the thanks and the update. I am so sorry that this happened-but so glad to be able to see you in Seattle. I did not get any info on the meet and greet so I guess I won’t be there-I would have just cried all over you for being there!!!! not kidding at all-I’m crying now.!!!! Take care and I will see you in Seattle-thank you for being you.

29/07/12 19:56

Marty Everson

Dear Ryan, I’m so thankful for God’s wonderful mercy and love in allowing you to live and return to good health. He has worked mightily on your behalf through the prayers, love and lives of many people. I pray you will continue to allow His great love to work in and through you, helping you to live every day to honor Him. It’s so good to have you back! May you always be blessed!

29/07/12 19:56

Diana J Moad

thank you Ryan for sharing with us.. Prayers will continue for you and your future.. and for your family for their support of and for you…. Amazing what our God will do with a few (or more) willing people and prayer…
blessings… Diana

29/07/12 19:56

Jean L

You don’t know how good it is to hear from you – when for many weeks, we wondered if you would ever return to us and to the things you love. Thank you for your very kind words – you have conveyed your feelings for your friends, family and fans so well – and the feeling for you is very, very mutual. You bring so much joy with your music and your communications with us. Thank you, Ryan. And, WELCOME BACK!!!! xo

29/07/12 19:57

Jobii Jo

Ryan, so good to hear from you, to know your truly are well again, and ready to come back to us. You are very dear to us all, and we are glad to see the true power of prayer and God’s working through you. I’m so looking forward to seeing you this fall in Des Moines, Iowa. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. God bless.

29/07/12 19:57

Marian Rodgers

I echo everything that has been said. Good luck and continued Health.

29/07/12 19:57


Ryan, so very happy to read your blog and hear about your good health. Glad that you are back with the lads and doing what you love best. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall. Prayers and faith can produce miracles. Love and hugs for you and your family.

29/07/12 19:58

Nancy Jewby

Ryan: I’m so glad you are recovered; and (being a selfish Senior Citizen) that I will get to see you during the Autumn tour! Since, I probably will never be able to afford another concert, I so wanted to see you with the other CT lads! Prayers have been answered. Please stay safe! God Bless.

29/07/12 20:00


It is so wonderful to know that you are fully recovered and ready to tour. All the worry, anxiety and prayers were well worth it. Words can’t express how happy I am to have you back…’s the only thing that matters! I can now look forward to the Fall show in Atlanta with even more enthusiasm. And to more ABC concerts, which I love. I can’t wait to be there and hug you again! You always give so much of yourself to the fans……and we love you so much! Take good care of yourself…….I’ll see you in Atlanta!
Gail Allen

29/07/12 20:01


Welcome Back Ryan! I’m so excited to see that you are doing so well and that all of our prayers were answered. God is Great!! I’m looking forward to hearing that lovely voice of yours in November at the Fox in Atlanta! Continue to get well and Be Safe!! Love ya, Candace

29/07/12 20:02


Ryan, what a blessing to hear how well you are doing. I thank God for your recovery. He is the Healer and the
Giver of Live and He so honored all the prayers that went up for you. It is truly amazing the impact your singing and I must say that smile of yours has on us fans. I thought it strange that I felt like I knew you and that you were like a part of my family until I read all the commets from your fans and realize you have the same effect on all of us young and older.. So thankful and waiting to see you in Texas on Nov 10. When are you and Neil going to do an Acoustic tour that comes to Texas :-)

29/07/12 20:03


Our family is sooo thankful that God has provided miracles for you!! He knows how special you are to your family and friends and how you touch our lives in such unique ways!! God has great plans to carry out in your life… and we will always be thankful and prayerful for you!! Thank you for what you do!! :)

29/07/12 20:04

lynn johnson

Ryan, I’m not Catholic, but I am Christian so i wanted to say a prayer the same time as your recovery Mass was going on. I asked people on CT sites if they wanted to join in , and the overwhelming response made me cry. I was just praying from my home, but some folks pulled off the side of the road to pray. Folks from Australia set alarm clocks to join us. The presense of God holding you in his hands was universally felt and is a positive experience I will take away from this,never to forget. God’s blessings on a long and healthy life.

29/07/12 20:06

Andieo oxo

Hiya Ryan!! :D

SO glad to have you back!! It was a very scary time for everyone who loves you, but it thankfully is well in the past now….. There are still tears left, but definitely only happy ones now!! :D See you in Regina, Sask in November!!

Much Luv n’ ((((((Huggz))))))

Andie oxo

29/07/12 20:06


I am very glad that you are back and that you recovered so after your ordeal. I along with all your family, friends and fans welcome you back and look forward to seeing you doing what you love.

29/07/12 20:07


Ryan, so happy that you are back to being healthy again and will be able to join the rest of the CT lads on tour. I know that they are just as happy that you will be back with them again. This was a scary time for everyone but with the help of God, you doctors, family and all the prayers that have been said for you ( and continue daily) you are able to return to what you love doing.

29/07/12 20:07

Lynn Gleason

Awwww…you’re welcome, Ryan. Lots of love and big hugs! ~ ======] Still keeping the light on, though. You need it.

29/07/12 20:08


I am so glad to know that you are well and good. I am also glad that you are doing what you love and that is to sing. Blessing to you and CT may your tour be the best ever.

29/07/12 20:09


Ryan i am glad that you are so much better and at home to be able to tell your story.You are and always be a very special person in so many lives,which showed upon hearring of your accident.None of us realize how much our lives intertwine till something like this happens.When you get that many different people from all corners of the world fightig for one person,it means that he has shared his life and love with so many.I was tryuly inspired by the love for you and had to follow along with blessings as well.This will be my last post to you and i wish you a wonderful life and a long and healthy one my friend.Blessed Be!!!

29/07/12 20:10


We are so glad that you are well and will be on tour in the fall. You were missed in AC but there is always next year. Philadephia will always welcome you with open arms and maybe a treat or two. :-) Can’t wait to see you this fall.

29/07/12 20:11

Sabine Angersbach

Ryan, you are an amazing person…my prayers will continue for your good health. Dylan and I look forward to seeing you soon. xoxo

29/07/12 20:13


So happy for you ,Ryan. You do have a great family!
Can’t deny I am very selfish! I am thrilled that you will
be on tour in the fall with CT! :) Just would not be the same
if you weren’t there! Very glad your well and I’m looking forward to more
blogs and lots of tweets! lol See you on October 26. Take good care of
yourself! Love Ya!!

29/07/12 20:14


So good to hear you are feeling better and back to doing what you love.
Thinking of you in Nebraska, God Bless.

29/07/12 20:14


Hi Ya Ryan………….What an amazing blog like many of your fans i went to a Healing Mass and lite a healing candle for you after the news was out about you.. With me having shakey faith with God lately you brought me back to praying again so you helped so many people out and brought them back to praying and didn’t even know it. Take care know im thinking of you

29/07/12 20:15


I am soooooo glad to see your words again! I am thankful that you are able to get back to the things and people you love. I to have been struggling with things and getting myself back to normal for several months now but unfortunately my recovery will take longer. Knowing that you are getting stronger and better every day is comforting to me and actually helps. Thank you for being such a remarkable person full of love, joy, compassion, understanding and the will to be happy. You have always been an inspiration to me and I am truly grateful for you coming into my life. Keep smiling always and never forget how much you are REALLY LOVED AND CHERISHED!!!!!!!!

Love and Prayers always;


29/07/12 20:18


Ryan, So happy to hear you have been given a clean bill of health from your drs. We were very worried and prayer was the least we could do. Looking forward to seeing you in FL in Nov.

29/07/12 20:19

annie johnson

*Thank you for this beautiful blog*We all of your fans have been so blessed that OUR FATHER has answered our nonstop prayers*I do believe we had the largest prayer chain in history going for you*Because of this there are alot of new friendships and bonds between us that have brought us all together just for you*Our GOD is amazing*You are a very special and enduring person to all of us and our love for you will continue to help encourage and make you stronger*I have never in these 4 years been afforded the privaledge of meeting you in person but by the power of GOD I pray someday I will*You are a good man Mr. RYAN KELLY*Please continue to bring joy and comfort to all of the world*Thru yours and CELTIC THUNDERS CD’s and DVD’s I have survived the darkest times in my life**HUGS AND LOTS OF LOVE*AMEN*AMEN*AMEN*XXX <3 <3 <3 +++

29/07/12 20:20

Diane Dickens

WELCOME BACK RYAN!!! I can only agree with everyone else that it is wonderful to have you back. You were missed greatly. I began to worry about you after my June 4th birthday came and went without the Twitter RT I asked for. You post on twitter often enough for me to notice when more than several says went by without hearing from you. Vacation didn’t seem likely as you would probably tweet even then. When Sharon let us know you were seriously injured, it was as if the bottom just fell out of everything. There was a lot of worrying and so much prayer that we all knew it just couldn’t be ignored.

Now you are recovered and “chomping at the bit” to tour again and we all anxiously await our turns to see you in person. I won’t tell you to take it easy as I know you will take care for all of us.

Much love and respect to your entire family for what they went through and for sharing you with us.

Diane Dickens
Puyallup, WA

29/07/12 20:23


I am so happy that you are well again and will be able to get back to singing and touring. Can’t wait to see you and the lads in October. I am lucky enough to get to go to two of the shows, Minneapolis and Mankato. And I definitely can’t wait until you and Neil can hit the road again with your Acoustic by Candlelight gigs…I so loved seeing you at those.
God Bless you and keep you safe!
See you in October
Lots of love,

29/07/12 20:25


Every so often you meet someone that touches you in ways that can’t be explained and you are one of those people. I only met you once very briefly but it cemented what I thought of you so I will be a fan/friend of yours forever.
When we heard that something had happened, no one could believe it so we did the only thing we could do at that time and that was pray. It worked! Now you have to get on to the new chapters of your life as I feel there is something out there that God wants of you.
There is no need to thank us as you and the guys have given us so much we are happy to return the love.
You are blessed with a wonderful family and friends.
I look forward to seeing you all in October.
Take care my friend


29/07/12 20:27

Nancy Braunstein

It is so great to hear from you. Please continue to take care of yourself because that’s what we all care about-YOU! It will be very exciting to see you again on the fall tour,but even better to see you and Neil at the Plough!!God bless!

29/07/12 20:27


I, along with my family, are so elated that you have come through this trying and difficult obstacle so very well. We look forward to more of your beautiful music, along of course, with the rest of the boys of Celtic Thunder. The events of the last couple of months for you have restored my faith, something that I had thought was all but lost. You are a wonderful soul, and I as well as the rest of the world, have been truly blessed to have such wonderful love and faith through your music, blogs, and appearances. You have touched more lives than you could know :)
Trying all I can to make it to the appearance in Charlotte this October. It is a few days before my 34th birthday .. I hope to see you all there.
Many thanks and hugs to you all!

29/07/12 20:29

Ruth Hanson

Hi Ryan, wanted to thank you for the update. I thank the Lord for answered prayers in your name Ryan. I am thrilled to hear you are recovering quickly. May God continue to heal you and bless you and your family. I am sure with all the prayers, cards and letters you realize how special you are. I look forward to seeing you in the fall.
Sending many prayers and much love.
Ruth :)

29/07/12 20:30

Carol Ann Blankenship

Great to hear from you Musicman! Those thoughts and prayers will always continue for you! Glad to hear your doing so well. Good luck on the tour, but please be careful at all times!lol! Much l;ove coming your way always! Carol Ann

29/07/12 20:32


Welcome Back,Sweetheart!!! You were GREATLY missed. Hopefully we’ll be able to make the show Oct. 12 in Baltimore, for Krissi’s 18th B-day. Tis all she wants,plus the boys want to see you since it’s been 2yrs since they have. Sadly I can’t make Hershey in Sept. for I have to work : ( I’m sooooooooooooooo glad you can get back to what you love. May God be with you every step of your journey!!!! LIEBE DICH!!!!!! xo………………………………….<3

29/07/12 20:33



29/07/12 20:33


Mr. Kelly,

I am so glad that you are better. I will continue to pray for you. I am happy that you get to go back to what you love so much. Can’t wait to see you on tour! Texas is waiting for you!

29/07/12 20:35

Ana Calisto

It’s great to hear that you’re feeling well Ryan. I started to listening to your musics not long ago so I might say that I’m a new fan to your work. And when I heard that you had been hospitalized I couldn’t help but get concerned, no matter how much of a fan I was and am at the time.
I hope that one day I’ll be able to see you live, singing. It’s one of my biggest wishes and dreams honestly.
Regards and love from a Portuguese fan!

29/07/12 20:38


Hi, Ryan! Best news ever! Reading your words brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears. As soon as we heard about your accident, all your fans started praying for you. And we haven’t stopped praying. I personally will continue to pray for you daily, as well as the other lads and everyone connected to CT. I’ll be seeing you in October and hopefully at an ABC gig if you & Neil make a stop in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Oh, a word to the wise, Sweetie… keep plenty of pailn relievers on the bus. You’re ribs are going to be very sore after all the hugs you’re going to get! Take care. Love ya!! Patty

29/07/12 20:40


Sweet Ryan, where does one begin at a reply? It is especially hard to reply when one’s screen is blurry due to tears. Happy tears I assure you. Because of you, before your accident I had forged a strong bond with several other ladies who are fans of yours. You have seen the video we made. We all have our own well, tragic story. That made us become sisters. When we heard of your accident not a day went by when we didn’t pray, light candles, write a poem, draw a picture or cry in fear and prayer. Each of us coping in our own ways but always with you first in our minds and hearts. We grew even closer and our bond as sisters became even stronger.

I can’t lie and say you didn’t scare the living daylights out of us but we knew you would pull through and be okay. We knew God was working miracles on you. Why did we pray? Simple. You were the man who saved our lives. We didn’t feel we owed it as a return favor. We couldn’t imagine a day without you gracing this world with your presence. Blessing it with your beautiful voice and music. We did all we could, placing all we could pray for in God’s hands simply because we love you Ryan John Kelly. This world would be a depressing place without you in it. Regardless if you were the amazing performer Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder, the beautiful singer Ryan Kelly performing acoustic music in Acoustic by Candlelight, or the beautiful man that God created that I love, that we love, Ryan Kelly the man from The Moy Ireland.

Atlantic City was a very fun experience but it was saddening without you. I know the other guys were missing your presence as well. You could see it in their faces. You would be proud of how well they continued on even though you were absent. Colm had a tough role to fill and even though he was nervous you would’ve been proud at how he came through. The show continued. No it wasn’t the same, not even close but it was still wonderful. I was glad I went because I was tired of waiting to see my very first show. I bought my ticket on a whim and lived on Ramen noodles and other cheap foods. Rode my bike everywhere or walked but I wanted to see CT perform and meet some of my “sisters.” I bought it before your accident and was admittedly disappointed and then very worried you wouldn’t be there. Now I can’t wait for the show I am seeing in October because the two I saw in AC were wonderful and now with you back the show is going to be incredibly and amazing. I was sad that all of your songs were pulled from the shows. Just wanted to feel your presence some how.

I am so thankful you are okay sweet Ryan. Tears still flow but as I said they are happy tears. I am thankful God heard everyone’s prayers and brought you back to us, to your family, and to your friends. This world would not be the same without Ryan Kelly in it. So, to end my novel here that I didn’t mean to make so long I will say first, if you ever scare me like this again I will either tickle you to death or hurt you lol. Just kidding. Second, I am sad I don’t have meet and greet passes for October 3rd but know that I am out in the audience hugging you incredibly tight. I am just so glad you are okay. You mean more than you could ever and will ever know to me. Thank you for being the wonderful man you are. All my love and hugs. ~Kathryn

29/07/12 20:40

Judith Martha Vernon

Thank You, Ryan! For the Wonderful, Personal Letter to your Fans. I’m so very grateful you are Healthy and coming back to us. I Was so worried about you, not knowing what was wrong with you, but knowing it had to be very serious, was making my heart ache.. Celtic Thunder is an amazing group of Wonderful Singers and performers that give enjoyment to everyone whom they come in contact with., no matter the age, or type of music. it really knocks me out to watch & hear you all together, and individually, filling your shows and performances with such thrills and happiness, I see everyone of the performances I can get to, around the New Jersey Area, and always will.. You have such greatness you could be THE STAR of any Broadway Show. I’m very excited that I will be able to see you again this Fall.. I buy all the DVD and CD, you can never make enough for me. They make my life happy and content. Please take very good care of yourself, You are so important to so many lives in this world today. Especially mine.
I can’t wait for your next appearance. Love Health and Happiness to you & Yours Always. JUDY

29/07/12 20:43


Ryan, sorry, In my previous comment: that should be “pain relievers”… I’m sure you knew what I meant to say! Darn keyboard… :-) Love ya!! Patty

29/07/12 20:47


So nice to read your blog. With all the prayers that we were all fervently saying for you & your family I for one am not surprised that God spared your life & brought you to a full & speedy recovery. Yes you do have a fighting spirit & that also plays a big part. God does his part, but we also have to do ours & you did:) Tell those doctors not to be surprised.. as with God “all things are possible”:)! I was sure you had to have a wonderful family…after all look at you…kind, caring, compassionate person, sharing & very respectful to all. As much as we were worried ..can’t even imagine the distress of your family & those who know you best….so our prayers went out for them as well. So glad to hear you have gotten a clean bill of health from the doctors.. Be sure to get your rest & take care of your very special self. Smiles, huggs, sunshine thoughts, prayers of thanksgiving…. And u think u r excited to go on tour….imagine just how anxious we are to see you with our own eyes:) Be prepared for lots of applause…..can’t wait to hear ya sing again….see ya LW in St. Louis in Nov…..Take Care… Dena

29/07/12 20:51

Ann Meade

Love you, Ryan! So glad you are back.
Ann Meade

29/07/12 20:57

Connie O.

Ryan…It is so wonderful to have you back with us, and in good health once again. You have the most amazing family, friends, and fans, and you are proof that prayer works miracles.Can’t wait to see you , and the rest of the guys, in November..Connie O.

29/07/12 20:57


Welcome back Ryan…..Saw you and Neil in Pittsburgh….Great gig!….Will see you in Sarasota, Florida in November….Continued good health!

29/07/12 20:58


Ok, I can start getting excited about Nov 4 in Atlanta. I can look forward to more CT music. I can finally watch Voyage 1 and 2, which I’ve not yet done. I can hope for another AbC event in the south. I can look forward to funny tweets, self depreciating humor, and well written blogs.(I really appreciate those!) Mostly I can look forward to more original Ryan Kelly music – and that makes me very happy! God is good! Best!

29/07/12 21:00

DeeDee Hayes

Ryan, I am so thankful to God for giving you your life back…We sent so many prayers up to Him that He must have smiled at how one man could inspire so much love…So now you know that you must be as special to Him as you are to us :) …So happy to hear that you are singing again and doing what you love to do…I know you must treasure each day now and are grateful for every second…Keep those spirits up as each day dawns with new dreams to fulfill…We will be here waiting to see you again…Until then, smile that beautiful smile and know how loved you are….xox DeeDee

29/07/12 21:03

Jennie Snipes

Ryan, I am thrilled, and thankful to God, to see how well you have recovered from such a serious injury; and that you are so soon able to return to your life and work. I look forward to seeing you and Neil and CT soon! God bless you and your family! With much love, Jennie

29/07/12 21:04

Delia Dupree

It is wonderful to hear from you. We are still praying and look forward to seeing you.. Love and Prayers,

29/07/12 21:05


Thank you for the lovely blog, Ryan! I think this blog serves as a way to somewhat bring “closure” to a very worriesome time for all of your fans. I know my heart was in my throat for several weeks, hoping and praying that the Lord would bring you back to us. The fact that you have come away from such a serious injury in such good form is a true miracle, of which prayers and positive thinking played a HUGE part. The rest of what I’d like to say I shared with you in a letter that you should have by now, or at least by this week. I am sure you are looking at the world in a new way after what you’ve been through and I hope you keep the positive and true close to you and let the negative and falseness fall away. Life is too short to allow things to remain “status quo” just because it’s always worked before. ;) See you in November!! xo

29/07/12 21:08


We are happy for you, your family and all those who care about you. Your fans, like myself, are delighted to know you are better and continue on that road. Plus thrilled we will hear that lovely voice again. Will be waiting in Lincoln, NE to see you in October. Until then keep the postive vibe, it tends to run over onto others and cannot be a bad thing. We need it.

29/07/12 21:11

Alice w.

Everyone has expressed my feelings so well that all there is for me to say is, ” Thank you Lord for listening to everyone’s prayers. ” You have such a wonderful support group which means everything. Enjoy the rest of the year. Can’t wait to see you on stage.

29/07/12 21:14


I’m in suspense about the offers. Please don’t make it too hard if you give us trivia questions. You’ve piqed my curiosity! I found your account to be somewhat harrowing, touching and thankfully happy in the end. Wow what a few months you’ve had to say the least. I imagine it might be a little difficult for you to find the right words. xx

29/07/12 21:14

Carolyn Marshall

I’m so glad that your back. Thank you for your great blog. All of us were concerned and didn’t know what happened to you. The power of prayer was certainly with you. I’m sure it’s made all of us realize His power is stronger than any medical report. We’re all looking forward to seeing you in the fall. Be safe Ryan Kelly xo

29/07/12 21:14

polly walker

thank you for the blog update Ryan , yes you are a blessed man, and a true walking mericale, and proof the greatest healing power is love, from so meany people, and the greatest love of your family, and the biggest support systm, in the world I believe,! this is truely a very joyous day, to hear you will be making the fall ct, your, and your own acoustic by candle light, you do have a irish fighting spirit in you, & and all the prayers and candle vigils we all did and patiently wait for word , no need to give us a thank you gift , you already have given us and your family the greatest gift of all!! and that is “You” !! being alive & well ,& singing again and is stronger & and better, God hands is on you & you still got alot of songs to write & sing, can’t wait to see more video on your road adventures, .

29/07/12 21:16

Betty S.

Ryan,we here in the USA ,Va. State have been praying for your recovery as well. Can’t wait for the concert in Salem Va. We was concerned about you getting to come,now we know. Our granddaughter is coming with us and is so excited your well enough to tour again.Shes 10 years old and your her favorite singer in CT. We have worn out our dvd’s we ordered.We love them and know all the songs. She loves the black is the color, and ride on, and friends in low places.Gods blessings to you and looking forward to seeing you in Oct. Larry,Betty and our granddaughter Abby Stanley,Clintwood ,Va. xx

29/07/12 21:16


Thank you for the update. Keep up the good work and I will be so happy to see you in September in Concord NH

29/07/12 21:17

Victoria Hills

God! I have missed him in the band. He is one of my favorites, it killed me to hear about his injury. I want him BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29/07/12 21:17

Tina C.

Dear Ryan Soooo glad to know that you are doing so good!! I will be at the Nov. show in Melbourne FL. It will be my first time seeing Celtic Thunder in person and I am thrilled that you will be there. After going through some serious health issues the past 3 years I know how important family is in times of need. You not only thanked your friends and family you also took time to thank you fans! Is is any wonder that we all care about you? It might seem like a no brainer (no pun intended) but there are entertainers that would not take that time. You are truly a classy, caring and very talented man. Not to mention as we say here in the south cute as a speckled pup!!!!! Can’t wait to hear you in person!!!!!

29/07/12 21:18

Hi Ryan,
Thank you so much for that marvelous blog! You certainly have had your crosses to bear, my friend, in this past year and a half! You are absolutely incredible and inspirational at the way you have coped with adversity!
When I first learned you were in the hospital, I was so hoping it was something minor, but soon learned it wasn’t!
I just kept praying and telling the Lord how much we needed you. Thankfully He answered ours prayers!
When I went to AC, my heart literally ached for you-missing you and knowing how much you wanted to be there.
My adult sons would call and ask,”How’s Ryan doing?”. They call you my “Honorary son.”
After meeting you and Neil in Albany and witnessing first hand your goodness and kindness, you truly felt like family to me!
Now I will buy my tickets for the Fall tour! You have made my day!! Love you! xx
P.S. Hugs to your amazing family!

29/07/12 21:22

Cathy G

Thank you for the woderful update!!! Looking forward to the fall tour!!! Get much rest and Ryan…STAY SAFE!!! ;)

29/07/12 21:28

Sara Rowan

Hi,I am so excited to hear you are doing better and going to be touring with Celtic Thunder soon ……I have a big wish that I get to see you and the lads in Kansas City,MO in October on the 28 it is a big wish and dream to get to meet you and the lads ……..with all my LOVE Sara

29/07/12 21:28

Jane Judson

God is not done with you yet. Hold on to that truth whenever things get hard. Your fans love you and you inspire many people. As keith would say, keep er lit. Jane from VA

29/07/12 21:29


I am so glad to hear that you are fully recovered and back to doing what you love!! I will continue to pray for you while you are on tour and i will see you in November!!!!! #veryveryexcited!!!
much love
~Shelby xoxo

29/07/12 21:31

Mary Adams

Really looking forward to seeing Celtic Thunder for the Connecticut show this fall, so glad that you will be there it just wouldn’t be the same without you. Will continue to pray for a total and complete recovery.
Blessings to you and your family.
Mary A
Connecticut. USA

29/07/12 21:32

Barbara Byrne-Ramanauskas

Hey Ryan! This blog from you is the best thing to read on a Sunday! – even better than the NY TIMES and the local Sunday comics rolled into one! <3 I couldn't thing of anything better to hear than a message from you with such positive news on your recovery….. and the promise of seeing you back on tour this Fall!! The past (almost) two months have definitely restored the faith to so many people as far as the power of prayers and love. It has also shown all of us that Celtic Thunder is more that some music group…. it started out as a small, tight-knit 'family' and has grown to a large, world-wide extended family that knows how to pull together through thick and thin! We are all so grateful that you were able to make such a remarkable recovery and we can't wait to see you up on stage doing what you do best! Bottom line is you are immensely loved by everyone and we all want the very best for you <3. You have touched our hearts through your music and caring ways, and have endeared yourself to us forever! Keep getting better and take care of yourself…. We need you back & at 100%!!! I'm going to try to attach a clip of a song that reminds me so much of you; it's called 'Welcome Back' (from an old sit-com that took place in Brooklyn, NY back in the late '70's. The words are very fitting <3.

See you in NY & Boston this Fall! ….. Barb <3

29/07/12 21:43


Dear Ryan thank you so very much for your profound and sincere blog. It amazes me how much of your personal life you share….. my cup overflows with gratitude for you! Your album still strikes a chord so deep inside of me. There are a few songs that you wrote that literally could summarize my life. You are such a special singer and songwriter, and friend to all of your fans. I hope you never change Ryan, as the qualities that you possess are humbling. I cannot express how very happy Gia and I are that you are safe at home. We cried the whole way thru the Atlantic City show for many reasons….one of the major reasons was our concern for you. Thank you for all that you do!!! We adore you!!!! Love, Francine and Gia

29/07/12 21:45

Barbara Simmons

You are a very beloved person, whom so many people just love. I am so glad you are back to normal with good health and happiness. Blessings to you and your dear family. Love to you from Texas.

29/07/12 21:47

Angela Pruitt

I’m happy and excited that your back! I am more excited that you took the positive road–well done! Never under estimate the power of a voice–your voice. It paints a picture that I see in my head and feel to my soul. Whether black and white or with vivid colors the result is the same–total pleasure of the mind, heart and soul! Thank you for giving us this treasure to behold for a longer time yet!! Much love and prayers–Angela xoxo

29/07/12 21:49


The blessings come in you doing what you love and us being able to share in that by listening and watching you perform.

29/07/12 21:50


Hi Ryan, Wonderful news! Hopping up and down here with joy! I am so thankful that you are recovering so quickly. I know you are glad to be getting your life back on track, for me reading you words and hearing the happiness in them, just brings tears to my eyes. coming back on tour with CT is wonderful, as I will be seeing you again, but more importantly for me is that you are well. You are an amazing man Ryan and were sorely missed. I for one will still be lighting my candles, doing my blessings, and continuing my prayers for you and yours. Stay safe, be well :)

29/07/12 21:51


Hearing that you are on the mend and doing so well has made my day. Having suffered a much more minor head injury just days before you did, I understand a small portion of what you went through. The strength and determination that you have shown and continue to show has given me the confidence that I can fight through this too. You are loved beyond words by many and there are people around the world who are sending their well wishes and thanks for your continuously improving health.

We love you, Ryan!

29/07/12 21:52


thanks be to God, for your quick recovery.My family and i have praying for you. Looking forward to seeing you in Tulsa OK. in november. God bless you and keep you safe!!!

29/07/12 21:53

wanda larkin

Welcome back! I know you’re a fighter but listen to all that your body is telling you and don’t push ahead too soon. Having been involved in an auto accident almost 40 years ago I understand how “fast” we want to get back to everything. I have my ticket for CT’s Oct show in Baltimore (my first time) and am looiking forward to seeing all of you.

29/07/12 22:06

Michelle LaRocque

See you in September! I’ve been officially waiting to say that! Happy Times, so happy for you!

29/07/12 22:11


Ryan…Thank you so much for this lovely blog. I wonder if you realise how much it means to all of us to be hearing from you again. You’re so right, you are a fighter, and you have more courage, faith and determination than I’ve ever seen. Thanks be to God for lending you His strength so you could use that fighting spirit of yours to come back to your family, friends and all of us who love you. You are a joy Ryan Kelly and it’s a blessing that you’ve chosen to share your gift with us. I consider it a privilage to be allowed to follow along on this journey with you. I can’t wait to see in concert this Dec. and hoping I’ll be able to travel to an ABC show also. I would love to meet you some day and just say thank you in person. :) And now, as you say, “Onwards and upwards”! Welcome back to your life Ryan!
Karen Cain

29/07/12 22:18

Wendy Woodyard

Welcome back Ryan, thank you for sharing this with us, you didn’t have to but we are grateful for some insight into what happened to you. Can’t wait for you to start touring again and especially the tour ‘Down Under’. So excited about it. Continued prayers for you and your family.
Love to you….. Wendy
Brisbane Australia

29/07/12 22:19


great to have you back Ryan. Looking forward to seeing you on tour this fall. Saw you & Neil in Pittsburgh & thoroughly enjoyed it. Take care of yourself & just relax with family & friends until tour time.

29/07/12 22:20


How wonderful to read your blog Ryan, we have missed you so much….welcome back!!!

You are such a graceful, charming and caring person and you hold a very special place in the hearts of your many thousands of fans from all across the globe. You gave us such a scare, we were so worried for you, I can’t begin to imagine how traumatic it must have been for your parents and siblings. Many thanks to your very generous family for allowing us to be part of your healing process.

It’s just amazing how much progress you’ve made in such a short time and to know you’ve been given the all clear to pursue what you love doing best is absolutely fantastic. I’m sure it was music to your ears!!!

See you in Oz,
Much Love,

29/07/12 22:21


I am so happy to hear that you are recovering so quickly from you accident and that the doctors have given you their blessing to go back to what you love, live for, singing & performing. Prayers have been answered and are still being answered.
I’m excited to be seeing you in MInneapolis & Des Moines this October. Also excited for the M&G in Des Moines. Maybe I will get to meet you for the first time :)
Happy to also hear you will be continuing with the ABC tours. I haven’t made it to one yet, but I am not going to miss this time around, if I can help it. Even if it means I have to fly somewhere to see you & Neil.
Thank you for the beautiful blog.

29/07/12 22:31

Deb Pevlin

Ryan, thanks so much for the blog! Great to hear from you. It is amazing that you have recovered so quickly & that the doctors have given you a clean bill of health :) Your recovery is a testament to your positive outlook & the power of prayer (with a nod to your youth, lol). It’s wonderful to hear that you feel you will be strong enough to start the fall tour. However, your health is the most important thing so take it easy now (bet you’re really sick of hearing that, ha ha) so that you will have enough energy for the tour. Very much looking forward to seeing you in Boston in Sept. Take care of yourself lad, we all care for you so much! Love and hugs to you :) Deb

29/07/12 22:32


In August, this very same thing happened to my son. I know all that your family went through…and I know the struggle you had to get where you are today. I’m so happy that you are recovered and on your way!!! (So is my the way) :D Thanks for the blog and letting us know the story. And thanks to God for many prayers answered. He probably covered his ears and yelled “ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!” after hearing so many people’s prayers!! LOL . Will see you from the front row in Lincoln Nebraska (got the tickets this week) and I’m serious about looking into a pub for you and Neil in Omaha in October. We would love to see the show!!!
Thanks again.

29/07/12 22:33

Elizabeth K.

I just have to say thank God for your recovery and I am so glad that all of our prayers reached His ears. If you are ever in Bend, OR, please let me know. I would love to meet you sometime.

29/07/12 22:34

Alejandra Ruiz

So happy to hear from you Ryan. And I’m very happy for your recovery. Thank you very much for this lovely blog, it made my day. And always remember to take care of yourself, don’t push yourself too hard, too soon. Good luck on all your projects and I hope I get to see a show soon.
Welcome back Ryan and lots of hugs from Honduras! :)

29/07/12 22:37

Pauline Brown

I received the support and love of my family during a very critical time recently, and know how you feel. Staying positive all the time is very hard and family just seem to understand when you are not 100% . All the very best on your road to recovery and keeping busy is a great way to stay well. We will be attending the CT concert in Townsville and are looking forward to seeing you and all the guys there.
Thank you for being you. :-) :-)

29/07/12 22:41

linda murdock

Thank you for sharing this with us Ryan. So happy to hear things are going well for you now. You had us all so scared. As for the prayers it is all we knew to do at the time. We are just grateful that God answered our prayers for both you and your family. Glad to hear that you have been cleared for touring. Cannot wait to see you again in the fall. Until then keep safe.

29/07/12 22:43


we are so thankful that you have recovered and are going to be a part of the tour this fall!!!! still praying for you every day, anytime i think of you, in fact!! :) God is Awesome. Glad you had the fighting spirit to work with God’s Healing Touch!! you music is certainly a gift from Him & He must still want you to use it. I know I want to hear more from you and the other CT lads!!! enjoy the journey! see you this fall in Virginia, Baltimore & Arkansas!!

29/07/12 22:44

Faye Wilson

A candle Lit every nite and a prayer said every nite can work wonders. #KeepTheFaith : ) Faye from NC

29/07/12 22:47

Tina Collins

I am very happy to read that you are doing so well. I don’t want to imagine the worry your loved ones muxt have been feeling! I guess I can imagine since I have a son whom I simply adore and worry about all the time! I will continute to put you in my thoughts and pryers for your continue good health. After reading your blog I can safely say God id great! Prayers do indeed work! Take care and I hope, I really, really hope to see you and teh rest of the guys this fall. Take care and God bless.

29/07/12 22:50

Susan Feingold

So very, very glad to hear from you directly, in your own words, that you are recovering so well. You were much missed in Atlantic City, although the lads did a great job. Looking forward to seeing you on the fall tour. Sounds like you are planning some gigs, too. I hope so, as I’ve enjoyed the past ones immensely.
Stay healthy and take good care of yourself.

29/07/12 22:51

Heidi Doran

I am so very glad Ryan your back to doing what you Love (Singing). And Thank you so much for the Blog. And letting us all know what happened to you. It’s always a good feeling when your back Home. Can’t wait to see you December 5th in Los Angelas (like I haven’t told you enough). It will be my first Celtic Thunder concert and my first time meeting you and all the guys. And Thank you for all the Thank you’s to all of us your fans. You being in the Hospital has brought a lot of us together and making new friendships as everybody got together and prayed for you. You should drop by the page Kelly’s chapel it is ran by Jodie Springer. Every night at 7:30 (Oregon) time I have a fellowship time to be together with all my friends and share some favorite music videos of mine and I am the Host of it. It is called… Heidi’s Fellowship. I think you should really drop by you would enjoy it. You would enjoy all the video’s and prayers and prayer request for people. Hope to see you in there sometime Ryan. Oh there is two other group pages that I created and that I am in charge of is….. Fans of Ryan and Neil and the other one is Oregon Ryan Kelly Fans. I wanted to know if it is ok if I have those groups. I tried getting a note to you or Sharon to see if it was ok to have them but I haven’t heard anything about if having my two groups can be confirmed. Hope to hear from you soon.

29/07/12 23:06


Rayan, thank you for the amazing blog. You have such a beautiful heart, and I’m so glad you’re doing well. I know you’ve had a touch from heaven. God still hears and answers prayers that’s for sure. So glad you’re back!!!!!!!!

29/07/12 23:14


The Glory of your recovery belongs to God. Your have touched people to their very core in ways words cannot describe. When we heard of your accident, it was only natural for us to pray as real Prayer Warriors for you, your family, all those caring for you, your friends, all associated with CT, etc. Your recovery demonstrates how God really answers the prayers when they are uttered with unselfish love. When we joined in unselfish prayer for you, we made new Friends that we hope to have for life. It’s been our privilege to pray for you.

Recovery comes in steps and some of them may go back a bit. We will continue to be Prayer Warriors for you that your recovery. May your recovery be surrounded in prayer so the hills and valleys become like speed bumps along the way.

Many of us believe, Ryan, that God has given you many gifts, among them your gift of music. Many of us believe that God has important things for you ahead and that you will need good health to fulfill God’s plans. Please try to pace yourself on tour (I realize I’m asking a lot here). As much as we want to see you and hear you sing, it is very important to us that you be completely healed. If that means to just be on tour and smile for everyone but let Colm do the performing, so be it. To tour is physically challenging and it would not serve God to push yourself so hard that you develop problems along the way.

May God shower you with so many blessings that others see Him through you!

29/07/12 23:15

Sissy Anderson

I am so glad you are back and ready to continue doing what you do best —– sing. Yes, you have had a lot of prayers coming your way that I know God heard us loud and clear and why you did recover so quickly. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Hope MAC got a clean bill of health as well.

29/07/12 23:16

Bonny MacPhail

So Glad to hear you are doing extremely well. Looking forward to your concert in Canada. I was impressed by the amount of people willing to say prayers for you, myself being one of the many. And i was truely impressed with the sincerity that came with the prayers. You have touched many lives with your gentleness and karma has come back in a good way to you. Take care and can’t wait for this winter

29/07/12 23:19


wow beautiful words from a beautiful person so glad your back and well ,when im feeling down i put on the celtic thunder dvds and you make my day so being with you praying for you is what we can do to repay xx

29/07/12 23:23

Gail O'Leary


29/07/12 23:24

Gail O'Leary


29/07/12 23:28


Don’t worry RK, apparently the hotel in AC wasn’t that great ;) It’s a relief to find out what really happened, though I understand perfectly why you and your family weren’t ready to discuss it publicly for a while; it’s completely normal, you all had other things on your mind. It’s wonderful to hear you’re doing what you love and being happy again. Am very much looking forward to seeing you in Ottawa!! :D Stay fit!

29/07/12 23:29


Ryan, it’s so wonderful to hear that you are doing so well! So glad you’re able to get back to what you love (for your sake and ours…we love to hear that beautiful voice of yours and see that gorgeous smile)! Isn’t it great to have a supportive, loving family? And, of course, your adoring fans love you too! We were so worried…as I see you figured out. Most importantly, God was looking out for you, and He heard our prayers! :)

29/07/12 23:29

Judy Dancy

Dear Ryan,
How delightful to hear you are doing well and back to making music again! I personally was amazed at the outpouring of prayer from this massive fan group that love and support you and CT. It was truly inspiring! I pray for your continued well being and strength. I look forward to seeing you in October. Take care …sending love and all good wishes.

29/07/12 23:29


it is so good to hear from you, with such an upbeat blog! Of course we spent many hours waiting to hear that you would recover, and many hours in prayer that God would keep you safe! And He did hear us, friend. I’m so amazed that you came through this with a positive attitude. Your family and friends are so lucky to have you back; I can’t imagine how worried they were. But you’re back, and that’s the best part! See you in Oct. at Indy–Waiting impatiently! Love from IN xx. Gail

29/07/12 23:42


Hi Ryan,

I’m so glad you are better! There are no words to describe the relief I felt when I heard you were getting better and when you started tweeting again… Thank you for the beautiful blog. I can’t wait to see you on tour this fall ! I hope I will be able to catch one ABC gig if I’m lucky enough that there is one close by (Montreal or Ottawa would be great)…

You will continue to be in my prayers,

Take care,

Kim ;o) xxx

29/07/12 23:44


I am VERY relieved to hear that you’ve recovered from your ordeal and glad that you are finally home and able to do what you love most!!! You’re positive attitude and fighting spirit through such an ordeal are very uplifting and encouraging. You are a true inspiration to all and especially to those of us who are dealing with a lot of medical issues. I may not be able to attend any of the celtic thunder shows this tour due to health and financial problems. Understandably this saddens me as I was so looking forward to the show but I have no doubt that you will “rock the house”!! Thank You for this blog and letting us all hear from you in your own words. Just know that both personally, and professionally through your music, , you have touched many hearts, including mine!

29/07/12 23:51

Nancy W

Ryan, so happy and thankful you are getting back to doing the things you love. We certainly look forward to seeing you in December in LA. God knows your talent is needed by many. He has heard everyone’s prayers to heal you bring you back to your family, friends and fans all over the world. Take care and thanks for this blog. Hope to see many more.

30/07/12 00:00

Marie Lethbridge

Ryan, I THANK GOD 4 ANSWERING MY PRAYERS & ALL THAT PRAYED 4 YOUR RECOVERY! I’m extremely happy U will B with the fall tour. See U in Hamilton @ HP Sept. 15th. LOVE U LADDY! tm

30/07/12 00:05

Marilyn Warren

Ryan, You have no idea how happy I was to read your blog. Yes, there were thousands upon thousands of us sending up our prayers every day. God heard, God listened and HE along with your determination and fighting Irish spirt brought you back to us. For that I for one am so very grateful. I am sure you know that you had us all worried especially not knowing exactly how serious an accident you had. However, that is over and done with and your are hear fit and healthy to carry on performing and singing and doing everything you love to do. Can’t wait until Nov. to see you and the other lads, but even more, can’t wait until the ABC’s start again. You just being alive and well is all the thanks we need. May god bless you every day. Keep smiling that beautiful smile for when you smile, we all smile.

30/07/12 00:06

Marie Lethbridge


30/07/12 00:07

Bonnie M

Isn’t it amazing what God allows for us to have a much deeper appreciation for all the blessings, in many forms , that he has given us, Ryan. So glad you are going to be with CT this fall. Haven’t seen CT in person yet, and may get to see you in Seattle this fall – anyway praying so. God continue to bless you – He has blessed us with you .

30/07/12 00:11

Lisa Cook

I am glad that you have so many wonderful family members. They are the strength some people need to fignt their way back from a accident. Glad you are better and back to what you love to do. Brings a tear to my eye reading your post. I thank God for your healing and continued strength.

30/07/12 00:25

Suzanne Dickerson

Ryan, how wonderful is the power of prayer. Good to see you back enjoying your music again. So looking forward to seeing you in Australia next year.

30/07/12 00:39

Not Irish Colleen

Oh, Irishman! I am smiling inside and out at this news!

30/07/12 00:42

Shelley Lewis

Such a scary time, but so grateful for all the love and support you have received. I know that God has big plans for your life and so many are blessed by your talent and your music. I am so glad to be among the many who have watched you perform live and hope for another chance in the near future!!

30/07/12 00:44

Billie McDonald

Ryan, you not only recovered, you also brought thousands of fans together in prayer and hope, who became good friends. I am not religious, I was christened in the Church of England and only ever gate crashed Sunday School once when I was 10. It was during one of the hundreds of times that we played Amazing Grace at the same time all over the world, that I ‘felt’ something. It was amazing and has restored my faith somewhat. I burst into tears!! Yet I did not feel anything up until a certain point.

Keep doing what you do best, and Ill definitely see you in February… with my GREEN BOA!!

30/07/12 00:48


So glad to hear you are recovering so well. Obviously there are bigger plans for you! Although I have not yet had the priviledge of seeing you and the group live, it is certainly one of the things on my “bucket list” I hope to accomplish! Your voice lends magic to every song you sing and makes an audience feel the music! You are definitely an inspiration to all!!

30/07/12 00:56

Karen P

Ryan, so trully thankful that you have recovered. There are great plans for you in this life. You have so many fans that really enjoy that wonderful voice you have. Looking forward to seeing you and CT in fall. God Bless and take care.

30/07/12 00:57

Sherrod Hart

I am so thankful for you Ryan. God is amazing in the fact that when He creates someone unique, He generally sees their purpose through to the end. He knew that many more people need to hear you and have their lives changed for the better. From 5 year olds to 100 year old folks, we all need you to help pick us up and keep us going. Music is the heartbeat and pulse of life. I just traced my mother’s roots back to Tipperary and Thurles, which thoroughly delighted me! I hope my PP show and soundtrack made it to you. To see the eyes of young kids yearning to celebrate with your music had to make you want to get better. My heart is over flowing with excitement and gratefulness for your return. Hopefully, I will be fortunate to see you at the M and G at The Fox in Atlanta on November 4 in person. Much, much, love and admiration. Sherrod Hart

30/07/12 01:05

Kathy Greaves

Great to read your blog Ryan! It’s so good to hear that you are feeling much better and stronger and eager to get back to what you love doing most…..singing! You can’t keep a good man down! God blessed you with an amazing voice and the ability to write songs that have touched our hearts and expressed our own feelings when we could not find the words. I love your positivity — it’s so encouraging! I thank God for answering our prayers and bringing you out of a dark time and back with us all! Best wishes for good days ahead and a wonderful tour! Continued prayers and much love!

30/07/12 01:07

Pam Kelley

Welcome back, Ryan. You’ve brought me and I am sure, others, closer to God through our prayers for you, so you are again blessed in that regard. I am glad to learn that your trust in humanity is restored. See you in Atlanta Fox and hopefully, now, at some point, in your and Neil’s acoustic gig.

30/07/12 01:12

Pam Kelley

I guess the Heavenly Host decided either that we down here have continued need of your craft or that you aren’t quite ready for the Heavenly Choir. In either case, I am glad. Now, get to work on that next album.

30/07/12 01:31

Michelle Hogno

Ryan, You never cease to amaze me. You are truely a humble and beautiful man.Thank you so much for your blog. I’m so encouraged to see how positive you are and that you have taken this experience to allow your faith to be restored in people by seeing how much you are loved and admired by your family, friends and fans. We think you and your talents are pretty awesome!!! :) I thank God for answering our prayers and that you had the fight in you to recover so quickly. We are so excited that you are in full swing for the up and coming tours. I can’t wait to see you in Australia. HUGS!!!! Michelle

30/07/12 01:50


Thank you for the time and effort you put forth to give us such a beautiful blog! So happy you have fully recuperated and are now able to enjoy once again all the good things and beautiful people in your life.
If all goes as planned, my sister and I will be two of the smiling faces and welcoming voices in Charlotte
and Virginia Beach come October. Happy you’re back, Ryan!

30/07/12 01:50

Pam Lain

From Texas YEEHAW!! So glad you are improving so quickly. Can empathize as I had accident that took me 5 years to get back to walking–you just never give up. God Bless You, Celtic Thunder, your family and fans. Pam Lain

30/07/12 02:01

Pat Manahan

It was so wonderful to see your blog, I’ve been praying for it for what seems a long time now. My prayers have changed to those of thanks after reading your words and seeing how well you are writing again. I don’t think you’ve ever doubted how much your fans love you but I’m sure you occasionally need the confirmation. Just don’t have any more accidents or bad occurances to make us prove it again. Please! Hugs from Thunder Bay!

30/07/12 02:08


We love you Ryan and are so thankful that you are doing so well. So many prayers were sent your way, and still flowing across the pond. God Bless and hope to see the CT gang in September! oxoxoxoxo

30/07/12 02:32

Nancy Randall

So wonderful to hear you say that the doctors have cleared you to return to what you love so much.

30/07/12 02:35


This is such a beautiful blog Ryan, straight from your heart, I don’t want to say too much here, b/c i left a message on your fb page, but just want to say, thank you for all the joy you give me and i thank God everyday for your recovery and continued well-being! See you in Oz in Jan/Feb at 4 shows..the girls and i have some travelling to do!! take care, lots of love Maree in Sydney….xxxxx

30/07/12 02:38

J Worman

WOW! I Praise God for your return, see you in Sarasota FL USA in the fall

30/07/12 02:40

Lisa McClain

Thank you for the blog – it got me a bit weepy!! Al your fans have been so worried, and I am so glad to know that your recovery has been so amazing. Truly a blessing! Missed seeing you in AC, but there’s no need for you to apologize! Cannot wait to see you on tour with CT again, and I sure hope you and Neil do another acoustic tour near me – it was an amazing show in the spring!!! Your music is a light in my life, and I am thrilled that light continues to burn bright. When I experienced a traumatic loss in my life, people in my family, from work, at my church, and even strangers prayed for me and my son. I always believed that prayer made a difference, but I never knew prayer was something you could feel wrapped around you in love. Consider yourself wrapped in a blanket of thanksgiving, joy, and love! See you this fall!

30/07/12 02:42

Maria Lawrie

Hello Ryan,
Thank you so much for letting us know what happened to you. It helps us too to deal with the healing process. We will of course continue to pray for you and those around you. Having a supportive family and friends is one of the most treasured blessings in life.

I am so looking forward to your return to Australia and it would be amazing if we were able to meet even if it is only to say hello. I was in the second row near the centre at your last concert here sitting behind a beautiful young blonde girl so you would never have noticed me!!

Best wishes for your future success.


30/07/12 02:44

Lynn Szwedko

Ryan I am so glad to hear that you are returning to better health. I was certain that you would recover with all the Prayers sent to Heaven on Your Behalf. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that you are meant to be on this Earth to do great things. Stay strong and Look Up To Heaven for God is Looking Down on You with a Greater Purpose for Your Life~~~ Sincerely, Lynn Szwedko

30/07/12 02:54


I am so happy for you. You are truly blessed. I know from experience how tragic events can change your outlook on life. I pray you will live your life to the fullest and follow your dream’s. God will show you the way. We can not wait to see you in Tulsa, OK.

30/07/12 03:04

Helen Godfrey

Ryan i am so happy for you and your family on your recovery. Can’t imagine the pain you and your family went through after your accident. Just know that you and your family have been and will continue to be in our prayers. We are all truely blessed by your wonderful voice. Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful tour with the gang. You will all be in our prayers for your successful tour. God willing we will see you perform in Kansas City. Best of luck to you and all of those with Celtic Thunder. What a wonderful group.

30/07/12 03:52

Sally Brozewicz

I am so relieved that things are getting back to normal & it sounds like you’re going to be alright. We were all so worried about you. I only found out about CT last Dec and I was able to meet you in Pittsburgh in May. I can’t wait until you guys are all here in Sept. and I’m certainly hoping to see you & Neil again with your accoustic show. I thought it was amazing. You guys are so funny and talented, you always leave us wanting more. Take care, Sally

30/07/12 03:59


Oh Ryan, What a beautiful msg you wrote. The love in your heart comes right thru and out to all! Isn’t it amazing how our life can be changed so quickly; and then comes that awakening of a new day…Bless you and may you continue in good health w/all the love in your heart to come out in your music..I know it will…always has. Just wait Ryan, so many will be looking forward to you and so happy to see you. God Bless your family and all doctors too. You have an amazing spirit! That has always shown thru….why all the CT fans have been by your side; if only in prayer and thought….

30/07/12 04:08

Lesa Holstine


Thank you. I’ve been waiting for this blog because I knew it would mean you were doing better and wanted to let us all know what was going on in your life. I knew if I was praying every day for you, that you must have had people praying all over the world.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Spokane at the end of November. In the meantime, my guess is you’ll be glowing every time you step on stage & the cheers and applause for you will be deafening. We’re all been waiting for you.

Welcome back, Ryan.

30/07/12 04:35


Oh dear! That’s not good at all. Glad you’re alright now. Celtic Thunder just wouldn’t be the same without you.

30/07/12 04:35

Beth Penland

I am so very happy that you are back. It was amazing to see so many people from so many faiths coming together to offer up prayers for you. It really warmed my heart. I admit, I couldn’t listen to In Time for a few days. But I quickly realized my God wouldn’t ignore all of these prayers. So, welcome back. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.


30/07/12 05:24

John Lavis

I have enjoyed your performances everytime CT has been part of my musical experiences. My family and friends in Australia are also lovers of your voice and theatrical sense. A few of us caught the Newcastle show and loved it. Welcome back and thanks for just being you.

30/07/12 05:53

Joyce McKay


Excited you’re back!!!! My family, my cat, and I have missed you. My sister and I are more than happy to have preyed for your recovery. We hope we get the chance to see you perform.

30/07/12 06:05


Dear Ryan,
My family and I are very happy to hear that you are doing so much better! We have enjoyed your music, both
with Celtic Thunder and your own cd’s. You have a wonderful gift with the music you bring to so many.
Thank God that you are well enough to continue doing what you and we your fans love! We look foreward to seeing you with Celtic Thunder in NY in the autumn, and your next acoustic tour with Neil Byrne. Be well,
and God Bless you always!

30/07/12 06:08

Crystal Waybright

I am so happy to hear that you are getting so much better, and that there is a chance my mom and I will be able to see you in Baltimore for the Fall Tour.

It was so scary to know that I had just seen you two weeks before at the Plough and then all of the sudden you were in the hospital. I was so happy in Philly when you remembered my name then you and Neil personally thanked me for helping with the flyers, which completely made my night.

As I have learned in the past the unknown can be the scareiest, but I know you value your privacy. My mommom always told me that even if you feel there is nothing you can do you can still pray, and that is what the whole Thundernation, and myself did for you. We joined together from all corners of the world with one goal to help in anyway possible even if just by prayer in your recovery. The support for you was beyond belief, but the support for each other was as amazing as well, and as you said reassured me that there were good people still in this world.

We are still praying for you and the lads as well for amazing, safe, and happy futures, which I hope continue to include sharing your wonderful music with the world. I hope to one day get to talk to you about your inspiration for your songs on your album, because some of them touch me very personally.

Hope to see you in October when I bring my mom to the Baltimore show for her 55th birthday. She doesn’t know yet, but she will be so excited to meet you all for the first time. Now I am just trying to think of a unique cool way to tell her about the tickets. It will be both of our first CT concerts, even though I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to both you and Neil live at the Plough twice now. Until the next show keep fighting and getting stronger, and know that your extended fan family are here to support you all the way.
Your Friend, Crystal Waybright

30/07/12 09:10

Ken Mitterer

Hi Ryan—Great news that you have recovered and going back to what you do so well—singing. After reading most of the messages you have received, it seems that I am the only man who enjoys your music and has been concerned for your medical well being.. I have been enjoying your music since your first concert was televised on PBS. I really enjoy your rendition of “Desperado”, and “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”—and there are many others—in fact all that you perform are favorites. Hope that your tour schedule will include San Diego soon, so that we can see you and all the CT members in live concert. Our prayers are with you for your good health and well being as you return to CT.

30/07/12 09:20



Your latest blog has brought up so much emotion for me that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to express them verbally, but I’m gonna give it a shot. I want to make sure you see it, so I’m gonna put it everywhere. I hope you don’t mind.

You are truly unique, not only as a musician, but as a person in general, in your ability to see the God-given miracle amid sircumstances that may embitter others. It’s this gift, combined with your tremendous generosity in allowing fans like me to tag along on your life’s journey. that make me so proud to call myself a Ryan Kelly fan.

I must, however disagree with you on one point. We are not the ones responsible for your recovery. You, God, and your doctors did the heavy lifting on that one.

Please know that my preayers and positive wishes will not end here, I am so looking forward to seeing you in DC in October.


Your Friend in Silver Spring

30/07/12 10:10


Oh Ryan!!! There’s never been a more sincere person as you are on the face of this earth!! Ur loved so dearly because of ur very genuine spirit…..
Yeah.. prayed everyday since we found out that u were ill… my boys kept asking if u would be able to sing… and I assured them that u would…. we took u in just like a family member… and u are truly special… God’s got a purpose through ur life and I hope u will know what it is too… Just take care of urself and use the talents that He has given u to the best of ur ability…
God bless and lots of love from all of us here in Kuwait…
Looking forward to seeing & hearing more of ur songs… :)
love & best regards,
Reema, Reuben & Ryan (he’s the one who’s soo fond u!)

30/07/12 10:19


Thank you for the update, and so happy to hear that you are doing so well. My children and I have been praying for you over these past several weeks. While our positive attitudes help us through difficult times, it really is only the power and mercy of God that touches us and heals us… so God gets the glory. And we are thanking Him for your recovery. : ) May you continue to feel stronger each day, and I pray also that you will be drawn closer to Jesus, as you seek His will for your life and enjoy the many blessings He has in store for you. He has healed you for a reason… walk with Him, sing for Him, live for Him. : )

30/07/12 11:00

Jennifer Porter

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Pleased to see that you are able to see a positive side after everything you have been through. It makes us all appreciate what we have and make the most of every day. Looking forward to seeing you in Tamworth in January 2013. (After the Country Music Festival.) I enjoy watching the song you recorded last time yo were here. It makes me smile. To quote a talented songwriter, ‘For it’s there I was born and it’s there I belong, and it’s there my last days I’ll enjoy.’
Take care,
Jennifer Porter

30/07/12 11:21

julia Bose

What else can we say, Ryan, but “Thank You” to our Lord for keeping His hand upon you, sparing your life and speeding your recovery. We were all very concerned for awhile, none more than your family and loved ones. Our great God is good and He kept you and healed you well, for that we are ever grateful. Continuing to pray for you all, thankful you’re back doing what you love and looking forward to all that is to come.

God blessings.

30/07/12 11:21


No gifts of thanks required. Just so glad to hear you are hearty and hale. So Happy for your parents, sister, brother, extended family and friends. God gave you a gift to share and he still believes you have lot’s to offer. Wishing you all the best your future has to offer. As we once said in newer days, safe travels across the pond.
God Bless ~ Dar

30/07/12 13:07

Glenys Crocker

RYAN!!!! Hey Sweetie, I’m so thrilled to hear from you!! Thanks so much for taking the time to update us on everything!! I cried a thousand tears while reading your blog….tears of joy that God answered our prayers & brought you back to those who love you & tears of sadness for all that you’ve been through!! But thankfully that’s all behind you now & you’re moving forward & focusing on all the good things that lie ahead!! I’m over the moon that you’ll be returning for the Fall Tour……just wouldn’t be the same without you!! :) Sending lots of hugs across the pond to you & your family!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Sept on Opening Night at Mile One Centre here in St. John’s!!! Take care Honey!! Love Ya Bunches!!! :) XO <3 <3

30/07/12 13:56

Kellye Lafever

God has already given us our Thank You gift..He brought you back to us, there’s no greater gift than that. You are a very Special gift Sir Ryan, and we absolutely treasure you…I’m very honored and proud to be a fan to such a Wonderful and Amazing man.. There’s nobody better in this world than you Ryan. Love you !

30/07/12 14:47


Ryan, words cannot express the happiness I feel right now knowing that you are doing well and will be with the rest of the lads on the Fall tour! You say the show this Fall is going to be epic, but I think you will experience that epic feeling each time you take the stage in every city you play!! From the moment I found out you were hurt and in the hospital my prayers for your healing began; even at my desk at work each day I said a silent prayer that you would be restored to the health that you had known and that you would be able to be with your loving family and faithful friends once again and enjoy doing the things you love. Thanks be to God that the prayers were answered and that you are once again healthy, happy and enjoying life. Life is such a precious gift!
You don’t need to worry about giving us thank you gifts; you are gift enough!!

I am so looking forward to seeing you this Fall! Take care sweetie!! You are loved more than you will ever know and I imagine more than you’ve ever realized! Love you much!! xoxo

30/07/12 14:47


Good morning, Ryan: So glad to read your recent BLOG. You’re definitely a man of your word! We’ve seen bits and pieces of the Ryan we all know and love with your tweets but this blog shows that you are amazingly well and happy and looking forward to doing what you love most, writing beautiful heartfelt songs and singing on stage with your CT Family!!!

It seems like months and months since we heard of your accident!!! My heart aches for all of the anguish your dear family went through for those long weeks when you were in a coma. I’m sure they’re anxious about you going on such a long tour, too. It’s so hard, as a parent, not to be able to “fix” things for your children. That’s when we have to let go and realize that God loves that child even more than we do and know that He will watch over them. You are truly blessed, Ryan, and we know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Take care of yourself and listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Remember, love and prayers surrounded you while you were in the hospital and will continue to during whatever path you choose.

30/07/12 14:49


It’s wonderful to hear about your fighting spirit. My grandma always said, where there is a will there is a way. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. This proves yet again that God work miracles. I’ve seen it time again in my own family with my dad and one of my younger brothers who should have died and fought back to us. People loose sight that God is very powerful, we should never forget that. Family is always important and is the strength of many of us to continue to fight. Family and God are our rocks. Now let’s lighten up a bit!!!! :)

We are all so glad that you are returning to what you love to do best, sing and perform. I’m bringing my sister for the 1st time along with my mom (2nd show) to see you all in Hershey, PA in September. They can hardly wait and it gives us a chance to get together to enjoy what we like.

Ryan, you have a special quality/aura about you that is infectious. You have been blessed with a special gift that you are able to share with the world and choose to do so freely. For that we are grateful.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Hershey.

Take care, be as careful as you can and remember enjoy like to the fullest.

30/07/12 15:00


Ryan, ( Baby ! :) ) You are incredible! I wish you an amazing Tour! A lot of love, hugs and kisses! Ana xoxo

30/07/12 15:05


Remember when one or more people get together to pray. Nothing is impossible. Our thank you gift is from God for answering our prayers. We will continue to pray for your strength and your continuing recovery. You have a wonderful voice and I cant wait to see you in Virginia Beach. Take care and we all love you!

30/07/12 15:05


Dear Ryan,
Thank you for having this blog to keep us all updated.I’m so happy to hear how well you’re doing now! You were in my thoughts and prayers each day of your recovery and will continue to be…..never hurts to have people say a little prayer for you each day! Please know that you are loved and cared for by so many,and what an inspiration you and your music are.Looking forward to seeing you and the guys at my first CT show in November!

30/07/12 15:16

Ashley Sullivan

So glad you are here! Feet on ground and breathing in the goodness of life! I’m so glad you recovered quickly, as I knew you would. I know it may sound silly because I do not know you personally, but I am a very positive person myself and in my heart I knew you’d be ok! As you said, you are strong and wouldn’t allow something to beat you! I’m glad of that! Of course I am so happy to be seeing you on your fall tour! More or less so beause you recovered and are healthy and are able to come back and do what you love! I believe there are certain energies/ kindred spirits/ people out there that can feel a connection and not even having to meet. I believe there are people who come into your life or are put there for reasons that are unexplainable. You have a quality, a energy, a positivity about you that carries through to your fans. You bring them in and without saying, make them your friends! So therefore, I am speaking to you as a friend should and am thankful I turned on PBS and saw Celtic Thunder singing and because of the gift of ‘social networking’ am able to keep in touch with people who have come into my life- physically or not. But it’s a circle and believe if I want positive people in my life, they will be there and they are, thank heaven! So thank you for being blessed with such a talent you can share and a personality of love! I wish you nothing but happiness in your future and will be glad to give ya a smile seeing you on the upcoming tour! Take care always! :)

30/07/12 15:47

JC (Fudge Lady)


So happy to hear how well you are doing. ;-) Many prayers and lighted candles have gone up and will continue for you. Looking forward to seeing you perform again in Pittsburgh. Your positive attitude sets an example for the rest of us. We all face difficult times in our lives and not giving in to negative thoughts is half the battle. Thanks for your words and smiles.

30/07/12 15:58


I am so happy you are recovered. Remember that you are loved and I cannot wait to see you in Texas, it has become a tradition in my family to go to the Celtic Thunder concert for my birthday, so I cannot wait to hear you. God bless Ryan you are always in my prayers

30/07/12 16:10


Dear Ryan,

I am so thankful that the lord answered all our prayers and is giving you a great recovery to bring you back to the thing you love your singing and to all of us who are rewarded by your presence in our lives through your music. I can not wait to see you on tour this fall.

Take care of yourself and know you are always in my prayers.

30/07/12 16:21

Barbara Greyling

Dear Ryan,
So wonderful of you to share this blog with your many fans and to keep us up to date with your recovery. The best news of course is that you will be touring soon although I will not have the privilege to see you as I am in South Africa.
God bless you and we thank our Lord above for carrying your through this ordeal.
Best wishes
Barbara Greyling
South Africa

30/07/12 16:31

Marilyn Hymel

Ryan, your family and friends are a blessing we all hope to have in our own lives. Thanks for sharing your amazing recovery and positive outlook with us.

(I’m surprising my grandson, Gabe, with a trip to Houston to see you and CT perform! He’ll be soooo excited!)

30/07/12 16:41



I’m glad to read that everything’s gonna be OK for you and that your situation is going back to normal! It may, or may not be the best way to say what I feel… But this is what comes to my mind right now.

I went through a few surgeries and hospitalizations and learned to walk again several times during my childhood and adolescence. It was probably different from what you went through, I know that your situation is not the same. But I know what you needed to deal with it all: strength, courage and determination.

Already was inspired by your music and your talent. Today, I found a much greater inspiration by “watching” how you get out of it: standing strong and ready to tour again and enjoy it like never before.

We can’t wait to see you hit that stage again! (First time live for me this fall!)

Thank you for what you are!! ;)

Take care!! xx

30/07/12 16:48

Janet Sjoholm

Thanks for the blog. It’s wonderful that you’re well and ready to go. Worried the heck out of everyone. Hoping the Acoustic by Candlelight tour will come close enough to my area for me to go. Didn’t get to last time. We do have an Irish bar right here in town. They are on Google. Limerick Lounge in Antioch, IL. Please consider it. All the best to you. I definately will be seing you October 21 and can’t wait. Glad you’re back.

30/07/12 17:09


WOW! You’ve had a tough couple of years! We’re so glad that you’ve pulled thru and are doing so much better… you must have a hard head :)

I’d like to wish you the very best as you continue to recover and look forward to seeing you in concert this fall in Kitchener Ontario.

sincerely, Kirsty

30/07/12 17:10

Jennifer M.

Hey Ryan,
It’s truly a blessing to have you back. I’m so happy to know what’s going on from you personally and to know that you are doing better. I prayed for you and was worried about you because you are one of my favorite CT members. I think it was very sweet of you to share your experience with us and to keep us in the loop, please continue to do so because we always would like to know what we need to prayer for. I will be looking forward to seeing you again here in Ohio and hopefully all of you CT boys stay safe. God Bless you and best wishes.

30/07/12 17:12

linda lemons

hi Ryan
we are all so happy for your complete recovery – God is good – all the time. Very happy to know you are about what you love best and thrilled to hear you will be touring again. We will be praying that you continue in good health so Sharon won’t have to pull you from a show. there is nothing like a health crisis to show one what a wonderful family and friends they have – you get doubly blessed by having fans who care about you as well. we all thank you parents and family and the doctors, nurses etc who cared for you.
thank you for caring for us as well, it is your character that touches us and you just showed once again, the character you posses!! looking forward to seeing you in Schenectady Sept 18!

30/07/12 17:20

Elissa Campbell

So glad to hear you are feeling so much better. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you as you return back to what you love to do most, singing and performing. Thank you for your determination to not give up, and for showing such positivity. You are an encouragement to all.

30/07/12 17:20

Kathy Jo

I am so glad that you are able to be back doing what you like to do. My prayers and thoughts were with you and your family everyday for those weeks. It is so glad to hear that you will be on tour this fall and can’t wait to see you again in October. God bless you and your family. See you soon.

30/07/12 17:47


Hi Ryan,
So delighted to hear that you are on the mend and are back with your friends and family and enjoying your music. I am looking forward to seeing you on the tour in November. Hopefully you and Neil will bring your Accoustics by Candlelight to the west coast of Canada (or US) sometime soon.
Take good care.

30/07/12 18:04


Dear Ryan, Thank you so much for your recent blog. I am so very glad to hear that you have recovered and are back to doing what you love. We serve a loving and merciful God who has heard and answered our prayers. How truly thankful I am, and I know that you are also. Looking forward to seeing you and Neil perform your acoustic gig again in Philly, but only when you are ready. Please be safe, have fun, and God be with you and your family now and always. Sincerely, Nancy.
“Thank you, Lord, who have brought us safe to shore. Be our strength and protection evermore!” :-)

30/07/12 18:08

Brenda Wilhelm

So glad to hear you are back in full form and feeling great. My thoughts and prayers were always there for you as were everyone else’s. I am glad you can look at the bright side of things, it truly is what helps us through and makes us thankful for what we have. It will be great to see you on the stage this fall in Milwaukee, WI performing (where you should be)! I look forward to any future acoustic tours as the last one in Chicago was brilliant! By the way thank you for signing the pencil sketch I drew of you, it was greatly appreciated;-) You healthy is great, but you performing again is an added miracle. Thank you for brightening our days!

30/07/12 18:46

Debra Flanagan

Hey Ryan!
You’re back in the saddle again! Ready to sing and perform for us once more. Isn’t is amazing how fast the body can heal it’s self after such a tramatic injury?! How humbling it is to see just how many people were there praying for you. Something like this shows us never to take our family and friends for granted but to tell them Every Day just how much we love and appreciate them for we never know which day may be our last. As the good book says “Only through Grace go I.” Thanks for the update. Hope to see you for the first time in Indy on Oct. 16th.
Keep Looking Up!

30/07/12 18:49


Ryan, I’m so relieved to hear from you. I can’t describe how worried I was. I’m so glad you are back and feeling better. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Sending my love and my best wishes to you and your family!
Love from Germany

30/07/12 19:02

Crystal Barnes

Blessings on you sweet Ryan. You continue to get our prayers. It is such a joy to know that you are back on your feet again and headed back to where you belong. Stay strong and see you in Calgary in November XO

30/07/12 20:01

Jacqui Dixon

Ryan, thank you for the blog. Thank God for your healing. Please continue to take it easy and heal. I hope to see you in L.A. when CT is here. You will continue to be in my prayers.

30/07/12 20:09

Cheryl Gifford

I always believed in Miracles, and now I Believe even more. What you have gone through must have been so frightening. I also believe in the Power of Prayer. I Thank God everyday, that he has held you in his Loving Arms and bought you through all this. And l also pray to him each day, that you continue to fully heal. I did miss you in AC on June 30th. Well, I have purchased tickets for my neice Niki and I to attend the October 12th Concert in Baltimore Maryland. Can’t Wait ,it will be so exciting! You are truly a Talented, Gifted Person, and I am so Happy for you. Enjoy the Tour and all the things that make you happy. The Sky is the limit! Take Care. Hugs and Kisses too! Love you BunchesI

30/07/12 20:30


So happy to know your doing so well, working in a trauma center, I know whereof you speak! More importantly your blog speaks volumes as to the kind of man you are, you are truly blessed. I have a little saying “god has a plan” I think he has great plans for you. I can hardly wait for the tour to begin and hopefully it will include some Christmas music, so see you in Dec., nokia theatre, music soothes the soul, it also heals. Be well, you have mended well , our prayers will always be with you, Ryan.

30/07/12 20:40


Ryan so glad to finally get your blog. As a Nurse I knew what was going on. As i said in my note I wish
I could have been there to see you through . Praying for you in person and though not said help to be
a support to our family. I am shouting from the roof top that we have a great God who poured out His blood
for our healing and forgiveness. I am thankful that you were healed so wonderfully,and quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you in Oct. Giving you a standing ovation as you walk on. Although I’d rather
give you a bear hug though munchkin size.
Nancy xx

30/07/12 21:05



Thank you so much for the blog and for letting us know that you are doing so much better now! That is AWESOME! Everyone has been so worried about you and praying so hard for your recovery so we are thrilled that you are back on your feet. Miracles do happen and this is certainly proof of that! Now, take care of yourself and always remember how much everyone loves you – friends, family and fans alike!!!


30/07/12 21:50

Ana Harris

Hi Ryan:

I am very glad that you are doing so much better. Everybody was worried about you but miracles happen everyday and I am happy that God gave you his blessings. I am happy you are back with the guys of Celtic Thunder and that you will be singing again and giving all of us your amazing talent. May God continue to bless you with his love and protection.

Ana Harris
Miami, Florida

30/07/12 22:11

PamAnne Mallory

Dearest Ryan,
I am so happy to hear. on your own words, how well you have recovered and how eager you are to return to performing. I am looking forward to seeing you here in Boston in September. I understand the new guy is pretty good but you are irreplaceable. Until then, I repeat this prayer,

May the Light be above you
May the Light be below you
May the Light be before you
May the Light be behind you
May the Light surround you and hold you in peace and love to the end of your days

Love, PamAnne

30/07/12 22:16

Barbara Hartnett

Your blog brought both great joy and a few tears. You are such a treasure, and it breaks my heart that you went through all of this, but through God’s will and your own amazing strength, from it you emerged, returned to good health and to doing what you love. You have been in our thoughts and prayers every day. We so look forward to seeing you in the fall, but please listen to what your body is telling you, and don’t push it. We love you, and we will always be here whenever you are ready. xxx

30/07/12 22:47

Michelle Harrigan

As many people are on this planet, grateful that you are OK. Welcome back!!

30/07/12 22:57


God Bless Ryan!

30/07/12 23:38


Hi Ryan,
Words cannot express the joy in my heart while reading your blog. I’m so sorry you and your family had to go thru the pain and uncertainty of what happened to you. I’m thankful that you have made it thru this with the love and prayers of your family. And from all the prayers from all of your fans around the world. You are such a loving and giving man. In May, after your first gig in St Charles Mo, my adopted daughter, Melissa asked you and Neil if you would mind saying hi to her momma from another state. You didn’t have to, but being the sweet men that you both are, you agreed. It was great talking to you that night! Especially when you said you were still working on more cities for the ABC Tour and that “You never know” when I mentioned that you should come to Portland Oregon. I finally get to see my first CT concert Dec 1 in Spokane WA. I can’t wait!! Especially now that you will be back on tour. Just please don’t over do yourself. You have touched so many lives in so many different ways, but especially with your singing, Whether it be with Neil on the ABC Tour, with the lads of Celtic Thunder, or just you. You are so special Ryan. xxx Mandy from Oregon

30/07/12 23:40

Lynne (roblynbro)

What a blessing to know that you are doing better. I have had the pleasure of meeting you twice. Once in Atlanta and again in Nashville. I was the girl in the wheelchair that was there at the last. I just listened to “Broken Things”, it is beautiful and so touching. I know how hard recovery is. I spent 4 weeks in intensive care and 4 weeks in the hospital room and then another 4 weeks at home in a hospital bed. Now I am learning to walk again. They told my husband to kiss me goodbye, but he knew I was a fighter and I thank God every day that I am here. You are right the best thing you can do is have a very positive outlook. I found that out early when my husband, Robert and my family came to staywith me in the hospital, they looked so worried so I had to be upbeat and happy so that they knew that I was going to be fine. My prayers are still with you and I will see you on November 4 in Atlanta.
It’s OK if you want to wave to me from the stage, I will be the one waving back (and walking in to see you).

God Bless and stay strong.

31/07/12 00:31


t hank you Ryan for the blog. please don’t over do it and get hurt again. Stay well and we will see you in Ind. in Oct.
Thank you Mom and Dad for you.

You are a god blessing. thank you.

31/07/12 00:40


So happy to hear you are feeling better. My family was very anxious waiting to hear how you were doing. Much love from Canada.

31/07/12 00:55

Her Majesty

Glad to hear that you are doing so well! I can’t even begin to imagine just how many prayers were going up for you, but God has truly blessed and answered them by giving you a quick and complete recovery! We are all very thankful as I’m sure are you and your family! Thank you for sharing so much of your life and your talent with all of us who love your music!
Stay well!

31/07/12 01:25


So glad (and relieved) that you’re on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you with Celtic Thunder in September at The Benedum. Just don’t scare us like that again.

31/07/12 02:07

Brenda in Virginia

Ryan: Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! I have been praying for you, along with so many others, and am so glad that the prayers were answered and will continue to be answered. Now that you are back doing what you love, and what you do so well, I am sure that your recovery will be even faster. You are so talented, I love the music of Celtic Thunder and especially your album. Your music speaks to me every time I listen to it. I can’t wait to hear you guys in October in Virginia. Thank you for updating your blog and letting us know what is happening. Blessings to you and your family.

Happy moments, priase God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

Take care of yourself,

31/07/12 02:12

Heather H

Hope you continue to feel better. I bet your running shoes have missed you. I know many of us across the globe have missed you as well. I don’t think a lot of us realized what an impact you made on our lives until you were gone. Lucky for us (and you), you came back to us and for that, we thank God. He has blessed you with not only an amazing talent, but with a great family, friends, and fans all over the world. We look forward to seeing you on tour and hearing that beautiful voice accompanied with that amazing smile. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us. May God heal your body and soul. May your pain cease, your strength increase, your fears be released. May blessings, love, hope, and joy surround you every day. You are loved.

31/07/12 03:03

Nola Ankers

I’ve only seen Celtic Thunder on Dvd’s and Pbs Tv but I fell in love with all of you. You all are terriffc and sound so good together. When I first heard Paul had left and then you I thought if i ever was lucky enough to see you it would not be the same. And then Celtic Thunder was playing in Dc. I bought one ticket coming by my self to see you all I was so happy that will be my birthday present. Then I heard of your accident and I was affraid you might not be well enough to tour.We all prayed for you and your family and thank god your well enough to tour again. I am so happy to see you all in DC I can’t wait. I am so glad you are well enough to go home and return to music.. Lots of love Nola

31/07/12 03:25


Wow! Still jumpng for joy to see your words flowing through the world again. God has blessed you with a full recovery and in doing so created a beautiful miracle for you, your family, friends and fans. There are no words to fully express the impact you have had on so many. Both before and after your accident. After, we knew so little yet 24/7 Prayer vigils seemed to be the most positive thing we could offer. So we did. Boy did we ever! Several turned to many, many turned to hundreds and hundreds into thousands. I believe the volume of prayer in heaven must have been thunderous. And so, here you are. “Our destroyer of the dark”. Thank you for fighting to be well. God Bless you always and in all ways. See you in October :)

31/07/12 03:26


Ryan,so very glad you are doing better. So sorry you and your family had to go through that.Life can be so fragile. Best of luck to you always. Many more years of great music, singing and song writing. I am happy that the great choir in heaven did not have a place for you yet. Sing on!

31/07/12 08:45

Sherri from Oz

ECSTATICALLY happy that you are back doing what you love. No one deserves happiness more than you Ryan, you bring joy to me and thousands every day with your amazing music and beautiful spirit. Thank you, today and everyday. xxxxxxxxxx

31/07/12 13:48


So glad to hear from you. One thing about a serious illness or accident is that, in an instant, it put your priorities properly in place and recovery increases your appreciation for everything. I know how difficult it is to recover from a serious head injury, esp. one requiring an induced coma, and your recovery was most certainly due to love, prayer, and a fighting spirit, not to mention a good bit of luck. I’m so happy you’ll be able to tour the US in the fall. I have my tickets bought for St. Louis is November and can’t wait.

31/07/12 17:59


Sorry to be late with my so thankful you are home and mostly well.butI alo have been visitin those folks with the shots, and draws, and pictures, etc I am also better. I can only say Amen to all the good thoughts from others
I have one thing to ask from my own experience.. were your dog and cat overjoyed to see you. I am sure they get quite confused during times like this. Again, All our love.Margaret

31/07/12 19:33

Terry Walters

I am very happy to hear you are doing better. I can’t wait to see you and the guys in Spokane. Even though all our prayers to you and your family were powerful we need to make sure we all thank our powerful and merciful Father for having his loving hands on your life. I have waited so long to be able to see CT you guys don’t quite make it to Montana area so it makes it hard to get away. Last year I missed you in Spokane it sold out very quick. This year I got tickets unfortunitly not very close but I am going get to see CT. I am very excited that you will be on tour. See you in Spokane where I hope I get to met all of you.
Always in my prayers,
Terry XX<3

31/07/12 20:31

joan gilmartin

You are a beautiful young man. Blessed with talent ,spirit ,charm and poise. God bless you and keep you.
Still rooting for you for the part of “Chriatian Grey”.

31/07/12 22:05

michele gautieri

So glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you. Looking forward to seeing you in Connecticut in September. All my best.

31/07/12 23:36


I want to say I am so glad that the Lord was with you and helped you a full and speedy recovery. I know that He always answers our prayers and He listens to those heart felt prayers. Although you were missed in Atlanta you will be doing fine during the fall tour. Do not push yourself to fast and know that He will always be there for you in times of need.

31/07/12 23:42


So glad to hear you are doing better. I know this has been a rough time for you & your family. You bring so much joy to me & everyone. You have so much talent. Each day I would cheek to see how you was doing. Until we had a terrible storm which left our power out for 9 days. I almost went in sane with no computer to hear how you was doing. Then when we did get power back it was so good to hear you was improving. Hope each day is a good one for you. Don’t let all these good things everyone is saying about you go to your head & cause swelling we don’t want anything else to happen to the most wonderful man & singer. Take care.

31/07/12 23:57


Dear Ryan, Thank you for sending the link to the acoustic gigs with Neil. That was nice of you, and it is much appreciated. This song is absolutely beautiful and has touched me deeply, as have other songs on your new CD. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment in creating this CD. I can’t think of the words to say to express how talented you guys are and how great it was to see you perform in person. I hope you are feeling and doing well. Sounds like you are doing quite a bit, which is great, and I am so glad for you and all of the guys in CT. Please take it easy, and take good care of yourself. You and your family are in my prayers. Sincerely, Nancy.

01/08/12 00:17


You’re a lovely man Ryan Kelly and I’m so glad to hear that you are recovering nicely. You did indeed give us quite a scare! It will be wonderful to have you back again with CT. Praise God for watching over you and hearing our prayers. xxx Jenny

01/08/12 00:19


Thank you for the update on your progress and health. God is good. See you in Texas in November.
Best regards. Peggy

01/08/12 00:38



01/08/12 17:36

kathleen hogan allen

Ryan, Good for you, Please give your Mom a big hug. I feel all our prayers have been answered. See you in Oct in Binghamton. Can’t wait to see your smile. Kathleen

01/08/12 19:00


Ok Ryan…. We have lost you twice now in a manner of speaking, so CUT IT OUT! LOL. As many have said, God obviously has more for you to do, and I for 1 am very glad of that. So happy you are well and back on the road to health and those of us who love you and your music.

01/08/12 19:27

Judy Roch

Ryan, It’s so good to hear you are back to your old self. Whenever I watch a CT DVD (and I have them all) the one thing that strikes about you is that you are clearly in your element. This is what our Lord intended for you to do – to entertain and bring pleasure to your audience. To have almost lost that is unthinkable. Please take care of yourself we Thunderheads need to see that twinkle in your eye and your incredible smile – Judy

01/08/12 21:51


It’s great to hear that you are back doing what you love.

02/08/12 02:47


Dearest Ryan,

First off let me just say that I am so glad that you are doing so well in your recovery. I just wanted to let you know that my husband is a priest and when he does his mass/liturgy I always said, and will continue to say, a prayer for you. I have to admit that just a little bit of that was selfish on my part.

You see, back in April 2012 my mom had surgery, since my sister had had surgery just the month before, my sister could not be there to care for mom. So mom called me and asked me to come home to care for her during her recovery. I gladly flew home to be with mom for two weeks during her recovery.

In the beginning of July 2012 I was telling my mom what little we fans know about your situation. In the process of talking about you and CT I told her that CT was playing in San Antonio later in the year. The next thing I knew she was telling me that she wanted to buy me 2 tickets as her way of showing her gratitude for my care of her. So here’s where the selfish part came in. Part of my prayers during mass was that you would be recovered enough to be in San Antonio, TX in November. But know that my first prayer is for you to be happy and healthy.

If I could I would invite everyone from CT over to the house for a real Texas Bar-B-Que..

So may God bless you and keep you and your family!

02/08/12 02:57


Hi Ryan, so happy for you! Just cannot imagine you not singing your songs…your face, your smile, your voice all show in your music! Such an inspiration to so many. Look at all the fans…awesome!!! I think music is the best way to express our feelings…almost a healing it is! well I speak for myself I guess. Just so so amazing your recovery and just reading all the fans how u have been missed….and it sure is true.
God bless YOU! Will be looking for you………………………………………….

02/08/12 05:24


I am so grateful that the Lord answered all our prayers and you have fully recovered. It was so depressing to imagine you not a part of Celtic Thunder. Afraid you were going to be unable to continue singing and that would have been too hard to handle for those of us who love you and your music. Can’t wait for more DVDs since I don’t imagine Celtic Thunder will be coming to Hawai’i in the near future. God bless you. Aloha.

02/08/12 20:01


Ryan! im so happy to hear that you’re doing so well, and that you’re so excited for this tour! I’m so excited to see you in November when you come to Edmonton! God does work real miracles, and you are proof of that! It’ll be nice to hear your voice again, and we’ll be looking for another cd!
<3 Mikaela

02/08/12 20:01


Great to hear your joy about being back in the studio! It gives me goose bumps to think that I’ll be able to hear you sing live one of these days.

02/08/12 20:36


Glad to hear you are doing so well. I was in a coma for 3 mo in 2003…weird waking up. the first thing my sister said to me was”you missed the coloumbia”. At this point I barely knew who I was never mind what a colomubia was

02/08/12 20:44


wow started to write a blog and it disappeared..Nothing new Ryan..just saying HI and so wish I could talk to you.

been thru a lot of illness and other stuff..kinda like you did the year before..but we will prevail…God listens!
Saw George..funny guy..had him sign his name on the back of the pic w/you and him w/the wigs..tooo funny!
Love your spirit..Ryan..It will get u thru..did me….all that matter..don’t bother w/the negative..not worth it..

02/08/12 22:25


Ryan, it always good to hear from you, and I’m so glad you’re well! Just stay strong in spirit and faith and know you’re loved across the world. :) I missed you and worried, but seeing you blogging and posting on Facebook makes me thrilled to see your wit and charm. I can’t wait to see you back on tour!

03/08/12 00:28


awwwwwwwwwwwwwww geeeeeeeeeeeeez sorry but I’m back again..cannot help..Just blasted “Friends in Low Places”…so awesome Ryan….Now I can think of how you were and how you need to be back again….Love you in that…You really put that one out there……and playing the piccolo? for Daniel…so so darn cooooooooool!!!
Just wanted to tell you…heading out to the seashore in AC tomorrow…..
Had to get my fix!!! …..xx

06/08/12 09:47


Hello Ryan, Thank you fot the beautiful blog, you have written. I read it with tears in my eyes. I am so glad for you and your family and friends that you feel good now. It is so awesome Ryan you be back and that our prayers has been heard. I have found many friends in the time we are all very worried about you. Holland, America and Australia we are connected with each other. I read this blog late, because I was on vacation in Austria.
Warm greetings for you and God bless you from your fan from Holland,
Wies Zuidema

06/08/12 15:20


Hello, Ryan. Hope you’re doing well today. I was just listening to your acoustic performance on 5/21 of “Back Home in Derry” on You Tube, which is awewome by the way. The tune reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of the Edmund FItzgerald”. He’s a Canadian folk singer from the sixties/seventies. The song is about the wreck of a ship (the Edmund Fitzgerald) during a storm in Lake Superior in 1975. Sorry if you already knew all of that. :-) The melody and lyrics are haunting. Good tune, sad, but one of my favorites since I was a kid. Just wanted to share. Here’s the url on You Tube if you want to give it a listen:

Ok, I need to quit listening to songs on You Tube and get back to work. It’s addictive. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Nancy. :-)

06/08/12 17:53


Hi Ryan, so good to hear that all is well and you are returning to everyday ‘normal’ life. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you would be okay. It’s a joy to hear you have recovered and running again! I’ll await your next tour in Canada with great enthusiasm! Hopefully Damian may join you again!.. God Bless!

08/08/12 15:01


Good Morning, Ryan!!! You seem to be making amazing strides with your rehab. Running, composing, singing, rehearsing with the lads and taking time sharing the limelight with Rory. (He’s quite a “ham”, isn’t he?) So happy you’re enjoying life again!!! As you know, you had a LOT of people worried sick about you the last few months so, whatever you did, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!! THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! Your family should be so proud that they raised such a man as you. They must be a great influence and solid foundation for you. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Take care of yourself but enjoy and appreciate your life. You have been so very blessed!!!

08/08/12 16:39


It warms my heart so much to know that your back to yourself and healthy. We did miss you in Atlantic City, but we all understand and are just glad your ok. PLEASE stay safe! Your a great man, I know your family is sooo proud of you. And your incredibly lucky to have your wonderful family. Stay wonderful and keep smiling, it’s beautiful. See you in Baltimore! Lots of love.


09/08/12 18:03


Hello, Ryan. I hope you are feeling well today. Thanks for the photos. The one of you and your cat made me smile. Love cats (have 3 of my own!). Especially love black cats, but they’re all adorable. It’s nice to see your picture. Have a great rest of the day. Sincerely, Nancy.

11/08/12 18:11



12/08/12 05:55

Franchon From DC

Dear Ryan,
Today you shared a quote about staying young by playing. I have been thinking about it and decided to post here because it seems calmer here and less busy. Anyway, you are a role model for many of us and even though many are older than you we can still learn from you as well. I found it intriguing that you were speaking of not growing old when you are so young. Playing (whatever form it takes) is a joyful activity and when we play the laughter comes easier. I saw that wonderful pic of you shared by Neil where the three of you were laughing and having such a good time together. Keep close to the people in your life who help you laugh and smile, Ryan. Don’t let the black moods engulf you. i know every moment can’t be funny, but joy can still fill your heart even during the alone times. Recharge yourself when it’s just you time. Keep yourself connected with Our Lord thru prayer. You know that prayer works, you’re a walking, talking, living example. Don’t worry about getting old. Live for today and let Jesus take care of tomorrow. Share a smile, it’s understood in every language.
Love you,
Franchon from DC

12/08/12 13:50


Hi Ryan,
glad you’re up and running again, I too have been thinking about that quote, but unfortunatly I didn’t see the deep and meaningful side to it. I’ve resisted all day but the sorry the devil got the better of me, ‘Hey Ryan you wanna come out an play.”

keep up the healing


17/08/12 14:32


Hello, Ryan. I’ve been pondering your quote of the day. It reminded me a quote I’ve heard that says, “Hurting people hurt people”. Which then reminded me of a song called “Love is the Answer”. Here’s the link on YouTube if you want to check it out. The lyrics are there as well. I hope you don’t mind me sharing. I think this will be my “song of the day”. :-)

What a week it’s been. I’m glad it’s Friday. Had to rely on heavy doses of Todd Rundgren, Celtic Thunder and, of course, Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne on YouTube to get me through. Mr. Rundgren actually wrote “Love is the Answer”. I don’t know who he had in mind when writing the song, but of course we all know who the “Light of the World” is, don’t we?? At least that’s how I interpret it.

I hope you are feeling well. Thanks for the recent pic of you and the lads. What a sight for sore eyes. Keep the pics coming! Have a nice day and a great weekend. God bless you. Sincerely, Nancy.

17/08/12 17:01


Hey Ryan, Sorry we tried to give to the little boy with the neuroblastoma cancer but our bank will not allow overseas transactions…it said to ask if there was another way to give in the USA, but when I e-mailed “just giving” it sent back a message saying u could not get in touch there go to another site….did that …did not work either….sorry:( We are praying for the little boy & your friends efforts on his behalf. And you know the power of prayer! YOU are walking evidence of it:) but if you know another way we can give please e-mail us & let us know. Thanks Ryan & have a great day. Remember sometimes ya gotta dance in the rain:) Huggs & smiles….Dena

17/08/12 17:06


Yes, Ryan, I agree w/you re how some people’s main motives in life are so mean! Your quote must mean more than u r saying; but it sure hit my heart..Why do these people want to hurt other people???? sad isn’t it…when u have been thru what u have ( I too have been thru a lot) seems so unimportant that we must get away from the “evil” ones as you well know.
You are well blessed w/family and loved ones..I am happy for you! But I also can relate to your quote….nothing to write on here for sure. some days are just very very hard to get thru….But as you I will prevail…thru God..and I thank Him for my Faith and know that has been your foundation, Ryan..isn’t it crazy for a person to write to someone who they never met and yet can so relate to their comments..tx for that Ryan….Not sure if going to Hershey..Maybe??? will be looking for u and Neil..maybe at the Plough…saw George there….so funny he was..signed the pic of you and him in the wigs…oh wellllllllllllllllllll another day to get thru….just went online to say “HI” and saw your quote.. stay well…and keep going…there’s a reason you are in this life…..Bless you!

17/08/12 23:58


Ryan, I agree too that people can be mean. I’m sorry if someone’s done you wrong. I especially can’t understand why anyone would try to hurt a sweet, gentle soul such as yourself…or anyone else for that matter…I had the pleasure of meeting you and Neil in Tampa in March and then seeing you at your first acoustic gig in Dunedin afterwards. That was a magical night! I sure hope you’re able to do the same next spring. Keep being yourself. You are admired by many…not just for your music, but for the beautiful person you obviously are, inside and out!

20/08/12 23:47


Hey there, new fan. Completely smitten. And relieved to hear your are doing better. Keep the strength.

21/08/12 20:34


Hello, Ryan. I hope you are doing well today. You indeed are blessed, dear man. As others have already said, you are truly a walking miracle. We all thank God for that and for his unconditional love, mercy, and Amazing Grace… “Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come. ‘Tis grace that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home”. My favorite verse from my favorite hymn. Please forgive my lyrical quotations. I can’t help myself. I have an internal soundtrack constantly running through my heart and mind. :-) Ok, I’ll try to give it a rest for a while…
Music is another gift from God, as are you and the music you create and share with us. Because of that, we are indeed blessed, too. And little Oscar is also blessed because of you. THANK YOU. He and his family are in my prayers for his complete recovery. Please God, may it be so.
I have a new song to add to my “internal soundtrack”. Your rendition of “Friends in Low Places” is AWESOME! I thoroughly enjoy it. To me, it’s better than Garth! Seriously. I have been listening to “In Too Deep” on YouTube for a while, and it’s even more terrific. It’s one of my favorites, and the song and your performance is very moving and sincere.
Sorry to go on and on. I know you are busy. You’re a lucky man to have such a fun, exciting, and rewarding career and to be able to do what you love. Thank you for sharing it with us and for being so kind. Sincerely, Nancy.
P.S. Finally got tickets to see CT in Philly in October. I’m so excited I can’t stand myself. It will be a first for me to see CT (I made a rhyme – tee hee). See you in October!

23/08/12 22:19


Glad you are back at it and hope you don’t overdue to catch up. I know this must have been an eye opener for you but had your guardian angel with you..Wishing you all the love and luck the good Lord will give and bless you with.

23/08/12 22:37


Hi Ryan, where r u? it’s been a looooooooong 2 days and no word! Just looking at your website. Hope you are okay..last ur were packing ur tool box…didn’t sound like u were that excited…or maybe a wee bit tired too. I’m sure after all u have been thru…Prayers for you…

24/08/12 14:01

Kellye Lafever

This has to be my absolute favorite photo so far of you with both of your furrbabies Rory and Molly cuddling on Daddy’s lap,,Seeing you and your smile always makes my day so much better, missed you so very much….so good to see you back Ryan…Love you !

31/08/12 19:35


Great to hear you are doing well. And yes, as many have posted, your health should always come first. So don’ t hide or fight it if you should need to take a break. I should know, just finishing a battle with breast cancer. There were times I tried to do to much because I didn’t want to dissapoint or because I thought it was expected of me.
So I say again, great to hear your doing well and back to the things you love. Be healthy, be safe, be sincere, and be true to yourself as well.

02/09/12 18:53

Barbara Foster

I’m quite late getting on here, but I just wanted to say I;m so glad you are back and healthy. That’s amazing, considering what you’ve been through. anyway, much love to you and I hope to see you back with Neil doing the gigs together again ! XXXXX, Barbara

05/09/12 03:27



05/09/12 17:42


Hi, Ryan. Good luck tonight. Glad to have you back! Sincerely, Nancy.

05/09/12 17:49


Hi Ryan,, Here’s to you for the show tonight in Canada….I cannot believe how strong you are. Sing it all w/your heart!!! You can do it Ryan….Nothing else matters right now…..This is your life’s work and healing w/love of music…God Bless you always.

07/09/12 18:59


First time leaving a comment so I hope I’m doing this right. My nieces are avid Celtic Thunder fans and were scared when I told them you had had an accident. They made you a couple signs of support which I’ll send to your physical address. If you want a picture, please tell me how to attach a photo to these things. :) They absolutely adore you! I am also a big admirer and hope that you continue your recovery. Remember to take it easy!!! Torrie

10/09/12 18:09

Sue Centorame

Have a great tour Irish. I hope all your tours are everything you want them to be and more. Be happy kid.

14/09/12 19:46

Dolente11 Sharon has posted a blog on the CT website that we can all get to watch the show setup and maybe get to meet the guys? not sure about that…but for $75. …..Just not very nice. After all the videos and shows we pay for to see CT; she asks people to pay for us to watch the guys set up lights and stage stuff…kinda not nice..I realize you all think u are just the best..and YES we love ur music Ryan..but this is totally OVERBOARD> oh welllllllllllllll people will do what they want to make more money in this world..what it’s about..Sad tho’…they should realize it’s not about the money….God gave us all the choices in life..whether we make them or not….so I’m sure some people would pay all this ..for what??????????????? Just doesn’t make sense.
and so not necessary..why the hustle…just to appeal to those who will pay …God it’s just dumb..enuf is enuf…selling stuff too…fine…Enjoy all the music…but CT is not alone in this world..we have many other favorites too! You should know about this..after all you have been thru…and the kindness from folks..and then to ask for money to see them set up a stage..oh well enuf of my opinion…….don’t care who disgrees either….shame on all of them.

15/09/12 07:57


Ryan I am so glad that you have made a full recovery, As I live in an area where there are never any concerts, I will be looking forward to seeing you on the Celtic Thunder DVDs to come, Listening to you on your own CDs and Celtic Thunders!

Keep up the Bad boy look, Your Sexiest with that look

Much love to you and the lads

Region: USA Montana

17/09/12 05:36


I will continue to keep you in my prayers for healing and good health.!!

22/09/12 23:12



I am so sorry to hear about your accident! It actually brought me to tears. I am a really big fan of Celtic Thunder, and it would not be the same without you! I am so grateful for you, your family, friends, and all of us, your fans, that prayers were heard and answered. You have, and always will be, my favorite Celtic Thunder gentleman, although I love all of you. I can’t wait to see you in Canada again. With much love.

Nikki :)
London, Ontario, Canada

24/09/12 22:56

Katie Stephens

God bless you, Ryan! We are all so thankful you pulled through.

30/09/12 02:06

Cathy Gillespie

Dear Ryan,
I just got home from seeing you perform at the Beacon Theater and I have to say you were wonderful! You look and sound great. God Bless and Thank You for the lovely afternoon filled with music. Celtic Thunder is GRAND!!!!!!!

26/10/12 01:54

Hazel Thomas Hill

Hi Ryan,
I just learned of your accident. Yes, I am always a few months behind everyone else. But like everyone else, I was terribly concerned. I use to work a TBI unit, so I can imagine how frightened your family was. It is good news that you are better. Maybe it is better that I did not know. I can really worry.
You are definitely one of my favorite Thunder guys. I have tried to say who I like the most there but I wind up picking everyone. You are in the top 3. I bought tickets for the Atlanta show Nov 4, 2012 and I pray you will be well enough to be there..
God bless you and keep you safe. I am a RN so if you need a shoulder to lean on, I’m here for you. I see there are about 320 people ahead of me. So, be safe and I hope to see/hear you in about 10 days. I’m so excited that I’m sure they will be 10 long days.
Sincerely, Hazel Thomas Hill

18/11/12 01:54




02/12/12 07:45


I just got home from your show you did at Northern Quest Casino in Spokane/Airway Heights. You are so awesome, your voice is phenomenal. And all out you are gorgeous. I am very glad to see you are doing a lot better. I sat in the third row, looking out from stage on the left middle part. I saw you guys in 2008 and promised myself to see you guys every time you came. I hope you all the best and your family. If you get a chance tell all CT guys A very huge fan says hello and be safe on your travels. Much Love
Jenauh Denison
Spokane, Washington

14/01/13 17:50

Barbara Foster

I am pretty late getting to this. But I am so happy you are back after your tough ordeal in the summer. It was so good to see you at the Nokia Theater on Dec..5,2012. You were looking a little thinner, but back to normal and sounding great. Now, stay out of trouble. We love you too much to lose you !!! Barbara

25/02/13 23:34


Glad to hear you are back with us and I know prayers are powerful. Seeing strength in others is inspiring and with Christ nothing is impossible. Stay well Ryan and God Bless. I have a range of issues with Fibromyalgia, but that seemingly downturn in my life gave me the clarity to pursue my dream, that of songwriter, am even an ASCAP member and seeking management. Thank you for inspiring.

03/06/13 14:54


Just finding out about your head trauma last year! I don’t know why we in KY hadn’t heard. Praying for you, Ryan. I had a similar accident at age 17. I am now a 65-year-old grandma (who loves the guys from Celtic Thunder)!
Keep up the good work and great music.

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